Dream Girls

3/5 stars

Aside from the fantastic music, fabulous costumes and excellent cinematography, there's nothing superb with this movie.
I was a bit disappointed because I expected a lot from the movie but as it turned out, there's nothing new about it. Weeks before watching the film, I didn't read a single review about it so that I will still be surprise when I finally get the chance to watch it. After seeing the film, I can say that a lot of the scenes were predictable. It's like I am not excited to see the next scene because I know what's going to happen next.
I also disagree with all the people who loved Jennifer Hudson's rendition of "Am Telling You I'm Not Going". Now I know why she was voted out of American Idol. Her voice is so thick and for me, the song doesn't fit well with her voice. There were parts in her rendition that her voice is garalgal. The ad lib she did was horrible, her falsettos were even more terrible and her belting was awful. Sure! her acting was good but not her singing. For some people, her rendition of the song may have caused them to have goose bumps but not me. I honestly didn't like it. Without any biases, Regine Velasquez's live performance of the song is still far better.
A lot of the people who have seen the film also told me that Jennifer really overshadowed Beyonce in both acting and singing. I am not a Beyonce fan but with all fairness to her, she acted really well. It just so happen that Jennifer's character caused the conflict in the film so of course her character will have more drama, dialogues and will demand for stronger emotions.
After criticizing Jennifer Hudson's overrated rendition of "Am Telling You I'm Not Going" and saying that there is nothing new and superb with the movie, I still don't regret having watched it.
The movie is still worth watching. It's still worth your 130 bucks. The production design is really excellent. I particularly love the way the director interconnected several shots to maximize the use of time in the film. If you love musicals, I highly recommend this film. And finally, though there was nothing new with the film and undeniably there were a lot of cliches, I can say that the story line was fully developed and I can't deny the fact that there's still beauty in predictability.

P.S. Though I didn't like her voice, I do believe that Jennifer Hudson is a great actress and she deserves the Golden Globe and Oscar she has won.

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