The Mistress and MyThoughts

Went to see the last full show of "The Mistress" on its first day of screening and I have to say that this is the kind of movie that makes me want to believe in Pinoy films again. If perfection ever does exist in visual cinema, "The Mistress" has got to be it--a masterpiece of mainstream cinema! 

The story is so good, script was fabulously great--well written, direction and editing are so right on target. Casting is impeccable and acting is beyond words--John Llyod Cruz and Bea Alonzo were both palpable! I am so glad the role of Eric Torres went on to John Lloyd Cruz and not to the first choice actor who later moved to another network. Honestly, I couldn't think of any other actors who can give justice to the roles of Eric and Sari but these two.

I love the subdued but intense acting of everyone that perfectly compliments the very raw and genuine emotions of the script. I love the right amount of tantalizing embedded through out the entire narrative creating the perfect balance of sensuality--it's so EROTIC

Finally, I love that the ending didn't betray the main premise of the movie as well as its characters and their conflicts just to give in to what Pinoy moviegoers would want to see. 

Yes, it's painful and often times we question why but it's a bittersweet reality of life that we can't always have what we want cause had it been the other way around, probably there's really hope for world peace. But at the end of it all, I still find myself asking--should we really hold back on love just so we won't hurt the feelings of others around us? Can we really equate the common rules of right and wrong to LOVE? And given that LOVEis still governed by these principles--who determines what is right and what is wrong in its inexplicable nature or should we really just settle to the sad reality of "hindi dahil gusto mo, makukuha mo"? 

P.S. John Lloyd Cruz killed my heart over and over again through out the movie's almost 2 hours and 10 minutes. I SWEAR HE'S GIVING SEXINESS A WHOLE LOT DIFFERENT DIMENSION it's so HOT!

Kimmy Dora and the Temple of Kyeme


Not only is it comedy at its best, Kimmy Dora and The Temple of Kyeme is also what sequels should be!

It’s common knowledge that creating a sequel is one of the greatest challenges in film making let alone create one that even surpass its predecessor in terms of quality and substance but this sequel to Kimmy Dora does just that.

The screenplay is one of the bests I’ve ever watched in Pinoy comedy movie. The plot is simple and almost shallow to its core but it was written very well along with a very funny script that there’s no boring, corny factor in it. The comedy it presented is very fresh and natural that it will really transport you to the world it created negating the out-of-this-world feel we usually get from mainstream cinema. I’ve always been a fan of Chris Martinez. His 100 is still my favorite movie of all-time. I also applaud his Last Order Sa Penguin as well as his other hits like Here Comes The Bride and Ang Babae Sa Septik Tank, and I must say that this movie just made me admire him even more.

The seamless blending of comedy, drama, and horror in this movie is also one for the books. It was perfectly manifested in the entire film. To be honest, the “gulat” factor is more defined in this film than Joyce Bernal’s overrated “Segunda Mano” last December. Lighting and Cinematography are equally amazing. The shots really made me love South Korea. Even the special effects were done excellently and believably. This movie knows its strengths from the script, to the over-all screenplay, to its actors and it instinctively capitalized in all of it creating all-time highs of the movie.

As far as the lead star’s acting is concern, I have nothing to say but WOW to Eugene Domingo. Acting in two different characters is hard enough but to portray two extreme characters at the same time with the perfection she does is just genius! Seriously, thank God for a Eugene Domingo in Philippine cinema! She’s outstanding and remarkably the ONLY one. The most poignant scene of the movie is actually the one where Dora is giving back her engagement ring to a half-awake, comatose Johnson and knowing the character of Dora, there will probably be the slightest part of you who would want to laugh but I swear believe me when I say you will be carried away. The scene lasted for just a minute or two but you can feel the genuinely innocent pain of her Dora character there. That’s how brilliant actress EUGENE DOMINGO is!

In conclusion, Kimmy Dora and the Temple of Kyeme is a must watch comedy. In my own honest opinion it’s funnier than the first Kimmy Dora and if you enjoyed it I guarantee that this one will exceed your expectations. I truly hope that more Pinoy comedy movies with substance and wit like this will be produced. Enough of the Wenn Deramas shitty crap comedy that’s so prevalent in mainstream cinema today, please!

The Songbird Replies, Grammys, Kris RealiTV and Other Mind Blabbers I

I was beyond ecstatic when Songbird Regine Velasquez finally joined Twitter on December 5, 2011. I just couldn’t believe it! I’m an avid Reginian at heart and it’s such a great pleasure to read tweets of your super idol in your timeline, words which she herself typed, thought about, and posted. So imagine my euphoria when she replied to my tweets last Sunday and Monday. They were a series of replies that I really felt like we were having a conversation. Haha! Ok, of course those were simple tweets of thank yous blah blah but hey Regine Velasquez, the Songbird of Asia tweeted me back and for a huge fan like me, it felt like winning the lottery!

The Grammys!
I am such a big big music lover, when I was a kid I remember waiting for the Grammys every year with so much anticipation. I intently watch every performances of the night and of course wait for who wins what. But over the years, it just bored me all of a sudden and found myself just reading news about the awards show. A great reason for this has to do with the fact that most of time they highlight country music so much and I don’t like country music. If there’s a genre of music that I really don’t like it’ll be Country music and Hard Metal Rock. But this year, I made it a point to seat through the Grammy’s 2 ½ hours airing to wait for Adele! I love her and I love her music. Adele’s voice is majestic and she looks so regal and sophisticated. Who needs a Heidi Klum body if you have a voice like Adele’s??! I am so happy for her awards sweep that night, 
she so deserves all of it. I wonder what’s going on in Gaga’s mind the entire time hahaha!

Still on the Grammys, after seeing Chris Brown’s performance, I find myself crushing on him again and totally forgetting the entire Rihanna assault fiasco 2 years ago. My goodness with the way he moves and dance on stage all I can say is damn he’s so HOT!

Adam Levine’s performance made the Grammys worth it of everything. I love him and just by looking at him makes every wasted minute worth it! His sex appeal is excruciatingly inexplicable! And yes, I envy Anne V to the bones!!!

Finally, yes, I know it was last minute but I don’t like Jennifer Hudson’s rendition of “I Will Always Love You”.

Grammy Fashion: I’m not really someone who gives a big deal about red carpets and other fashion chuchus I just say it as it is if I like the ensemble or I think it’s horrible. Gwyneth Paltrow for me is the night’s best dressed! I also love Rihanna’s gown! 

RIP Whitney
I’m not a big Witney Houston fan but my Mom is, so I practically grew up to her music. My Mom watched The Bodyguard like a hundred times in the cinema and its soundtrack was my sister and I’s lullaby every night when I was in 1st or 2nd grade. Like what an article I have read the evening of her passing, I too was shocked but not surprised on the news of her death. One of my BFFs perfectly said it, “sayang! Whitney’s another great talent wasted with vices.”

This week, Kris Aquino’s daily morning talk show presented a reality TV treatment for her birthday special entitled Kris RealiTV. I love the idea! If there’s one celebrity who’s so fit to have a reality show here in the Philippines ala “Keeping up with the Kardashians” it has to be Kris. The way she has built the success of her entire career with transparency, I really hope the reality episode rated well, enough for the Kapamilya network to give at least a weekly reality show of her life.
With his appearance in Kris RealiTV, I remembered how crushable James Yap is. He’s really one of my forever crushes.

I’ve been watching One Tree Hill’s Season 7 and I just have to say that there’s no single episode that my heart didn’t melt with my boy love, ROBERT BUCKLEY! Don’t argue with me because I think he’s perfect!

I just finished watching the season’s 18th episode and I just have to say that it is by far the best episode of this series ever!!! In all aspects!  It literally had me crying an ocean of tears. I swear I was crying the entire time.  Now my eyes are all puffy! The BEST!!!

I heard the news that it’s now confirmed, Julia Roberts and Meryl Streep will star opposite each other on the film adaptation of August: Osage County. My goodness! I’m sure this will be an acting-fest one!

Wow! This is the first of my “Mind Blabbers” entry and I’m “liking” this formula so expect a lot of these in my blog from now on! One of my super close friends tweeted a year ago that she felt blogging is really not for her, she’s really just fit for micro blogging as in the case of Twitter. Honestly, I’ve been feeling the same way these past few months. I don’t know why all of a sudden writing full length blogs felt so tedious and pressuring so from now on, my blogs will feature “anything goes blabbers” haha!

till my next blabber…

Segunda Mano


A horror flick that gives emphasis to both elements of suspense and story, Segunda Mano is a remarkable tale that tells us what we should really fear in this life.

An antique shop owner, Mabelle (Aquino) buys a second-hand bag from her best friend’s store not knowing that the bag carries with it a part of the dead owner’s soul. As the ghost haunts her down, Mabelle finds herself searching back the past to protect the people she loves from the curse of death the bag brings. And as the ghost reveal its purpose Mabelle uncovers a crime, and secrets that made up her identity.

I won’t pretend to be a pro about this genre because I am beyond honest that I never watch horror movies. The Poltergeist and Child’s Play may have traumatized me a lot when I watched them in 1993. So if you’re doing the math, this is my first full-length horror movie in 17 long years. I’m a huge Kris Aquino fan but given that she’s the Horror Queen and almost all her movies of recent years are horror, I intentionally passed on to watch all of them. The closest I’ve come to see was the last 5 minutes of her 2004 hit, Feng Shui which I watched on Cinema One at 2 o’clock in the afternoon. Now, thanks to Harper’s Island, True Blood, and THE WALKING DEAD, I feel brave enough to last 2hours of pure horror (not the asian horror films like The Ring though di ko talaga kakayanin!). What’s with Segunda Mano that made me change my mind? The trailer is blunt and not at all scary plus with the little that it showed to protect the twists and turns of the story, made me really curious. But beyond anything, I am the type who can tell if a movie’s worth watching from just its trailer. I knew that there’s more to this especially with its Grade A from the Cinema Evaluation Board.

For a first timer, Joyce Bernal did a pretty good job directing a horror/suspense movie. She is able to build up the element of suspense in all the right places. What’s nice about Segunda Mano is that it’s a movie that doesn’t only scare you but it has a good story that was narrated beautifully. In addition to this, there is a perfect balance of horror and comedy in this film to not make it so heavy for a Christmas Day play date. It’s awesome how polished they merged these two genres.

The only problem I have about this movie is the pacing. It feels like everything’s happening so fast you barely have time to relate and be captivated by the story as well as with the characters. Editing is also bad. I think in a genre such as this, a seamless editing is the key. Cinematography is good since the movie’s general feel is not hardcore, minute-by-minute horror. Special effects were lousy and the stunts were mediocre at its best. To me all the stunts Kris was so proud of were not believable at all especially that with its poor editing it’s so obvious the one doing the stunt was not her.

Acting wise—you know, the whole world knows that I adore Kris Aquino but never her acting. Her facial expression and general acting in this movie still sucked big time. Though, I must say that she’s improved a lot. This is still her best genre—horror. Put her in drama as what she’ll be embarking on next year, I’m not so sure. I hope she undergoes tremendous workshop first. Dingdong Dantes shined in this movie. For so long, and in his age, he’s still doing cutesy-cutesy role in his home network. It’s about time he take on a character like this to show the viewing public that with a little bit more workshop, he can go head to head with the likes of Piolo, Derek, and John Lloyd. But more than his acting which still needs improvement if it will be deemed worthy of an acting award; it is his good looks that are so noticeable in this movie. I think Dingdong Dantes is aging gracefully. Angelica Panganiban is one hell of a versatile actress! She only did a few lines but you can so feel her presence. She doesn’t need to say a dialogue but with mere facial expressions you can feel the pain and longing of her character, you can feel the depth of whatever she’s trying to convey. To me, this is the measure of a true blue versatile actress and I think among all the other actresses of this generation, she is the best! This review will not be complete if I don’t pay tribute to the biggest revelation of this movie which is Bangs Garcia! Segunda Mano is also a movie where she shined. She’s so natural and effective in a role that’s very cliché it feels exceptionally fresh. Bangs deserves a Best Supporting Actress trophy if only Eugene Domingo is not also nominated.  

All in all, what makes Segunda Mano worth watching is the new face of horror it showcased. It did not focus only on scaring the viewers but very important is how it paid attention to present a quality story that mind you is not new at all especially if you’re very well read and have already seen a lot, but the beautiful narration and Direk Joyce’s brilliant take on flashbacks makes the movie tolerable to sit through for almost 1 hour and 50 minutes. And what’s so awesome is how it showcased finely choreographed brutality and doesn’t demonize your mind. Finally, Segunda Mano is a horror movie which reiterates the fact that it is the living not the dead that we should be scared of. 

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1


Average at its best, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 is an adaptation that fairly delivers what’s left of an overrated phenomenon.

It’s a dream come true for the mortal Bella Swan (Stewart) to be married to his perfect vampire boyfriend, Edward Cullen (Pattinson). But happily ever after is just not theirs to grasp when an unexpected turn of events began to unfold as the new Mrs. Cullen becomes pregnant. Conflicts arise when the ancient treaty of peaceful co-existence between the werewolf pack and the vampire family has been breached as everyone believes that the baby is a threat for everyone.

There is something about the Twilight saga movies that makes it an “almost there but never quite there” kind of movies. For starters, it wasn’t able to contain the hype and mystery that makes a series adaptation compelling in every sense, kinda like what the Harry Potter series have done for 10 long years. Can it be because the first movie was an epic failure in terms of production and over-all output or is it possible that its story just doesn’t have what it takes? It now becomes a crisis figuring out what went wrong in this movie franchise. Is it the story itself or perhaps just the movie adaptations? Well, I guess it’s both.

In the age of True Bloods and The Walking Deads where HOT, sexy, and fierce are being redefined, somehow the vampire and werewolf story this saga presents seems too bland. It’s like a steak without salt and pepper, pasta without parmesan. It just feels so cliché, predictable, and unexciting; in short, overrated in epic proportions. You watch it because it’s there or you’ve seen all the other instalments so might as well watch it too. Or you’ve read the book and just for the sake of.

On the upside, first and foremost, I have to commend the beautiful screenplay by Melissa Rosenberg, yet again. Among all the books, I think it was on Twilight and Breaking Dawn that Stephenie Meyer really got her creative juices out. She wrote Breaking Dawn very beautifully and so I am very glad that like the New Moon and Eclipse movies, this also stayed faithful to the book. Locations and cinematography gave as much justice to the marvellously rich imagery Meyer provided in the book. Lighting is perfect and editing was seamless. I think Director Bill Condon did a great job in terms of execution because he was able to bring to life scenes that were very critical in terms of an honest and decent depiction. These are scenes like the breaking of bed honeymoon consummation, Bella’s delivery, as well as Bella’s metamorphosis into a vampire. So good job! Also, sound and visual effects were so good! At least this aspect is amazing.

One more thing that makes this movie good is the beautiful beautiful music, not to mention Carter Burwell’s incredible scoring. I never liked a single music from the New Moon and Eclipse movies respectively but with this one, I love all the songs. Music choices were great this time.

The biggest downer of this movie is the below average, not even mediocre acting of all three main characters. By this time, they should have been giving their characters enough justice. This is also that part of the saga where much of the story’s narrative will depend on character building and eventual growth and maturity from each of them. Unfortunately, all three of them bombed at this one. Kristen Stewart I believe is one of the worst actresses of her generation and of all time! My goodness! Robert Pattinson still has no emotion and un-relatable in all aspect. Yes, he’s handsome but that’s it. He delivers line in monotone. Taylor Lautner is somehow a far outcry from the acting of his two co-stars but still needs a lot of in-depth polishing.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 is still a very enjoyable movie especially for fans and, now so-so fans like me. It gives you the visual image of the texts you’ve once loved in Meyer’s book and with all due fairness, it’s a good adaptation in many ways. It is still worth all the anticipation, your money, and time. It’s not a spectacle you’ll never forget but a nice spectacle to enjoy while it’s there. It’s also a nice medium to reminisce your crazy teenage love life. And while you’re already there, savour the guilty pleasures it brings. 

No Other Woman


Sizzles with passion and, full of heart and soul, fall for the temptation of 2011’s biggest movie event of the year. No Other Woman is a must watch movie that explores the guilty pleasures of infidelity.

Ram (Derek) is a handsome furniture supplier who through his charisma and undeniable looks has charmed many of his clients. He is married to Charmaine (Christine), a pretty, doting housewife who learns of her husband’s infidelity with the gorgeous temptress, the other woman…Kara (Anne). Ram soon finds himself caught between his marriage to Cha, and his passionate relationship with the alluring Kara as the two ladies gives the fight of their lives for his love.

Upon seeing the trailer I knew right there and then that this movie is something. This intuition was cemented when the Grade A of the Cinema Evaluation Board came out. It was polished dry when I was captivated by the script and acting in the comfort of a sold-out, last full show screening.

We are now living in a time when more than delivering a movie or a story per se that’ll become a classic when the time comes, producers more than ever are just interested in generating profits that when a movie like this comes we really need to stop and celebrate the event. I say this because this movie is not your typical rom-com or passable comedy movies they say is what the market now is looking for. No Other Woman actually somehow takes you back to the 70s and 80s, which for me is the golden age of Philippine Cinema. This movie is like the modern day version of the 1982 classic “Gaano Kadalas Ang Minsan”.

It delights me to analyze now that this movie actually has its very good story to tell. The plot is nothing new. We’ve all heard about a beautiful happy couple whose marriage is suddenly shaken by the arrival of another woman to complete a triangle. But what sets this movie far above the movies of today is how brilliant the execution of modern day infidelity in the story. It took a lot of realism from our society today bearing it upon the backbone of its sole plot and into the beings of its main protagonists and antagonist. With this, the movie so much so veered away from the expected predictability of a rehashed story. A note of praise goes to the Director, Ruel Bayani for his fine treatment and execution.

This movie takes great pride from its brilliant, masterful script. It gave the movie so much soul with its heartfelt dialogues interspersed with clever wit in a language relatable to everyone. BRAVO! Marvellous marvellous script! Also what I love about it that it didn’t go overboard. It’s generous at times and keeps silent when the emotion of the scene calls for it.  Great thumbs up to screenplay writers Kris Gazmen and Jay Fernando for this incredible script. You’ll know that a movie is a hit when its script and much of its remarkable lines stay to movie goers and eventually become quotable quotes copied in street conversations, in text messages, in social networking sites, etc. and I’m sure most of this movie’s quotable quotes and confrontation scenes will be indulgently remembered. The script alone will make this movie a classic for generations to come.

Much to this movies delight, the clever script is matched with notable acting from its lead cast. Anne Curtis is fabulous in a role almost tailored fit for her. I believe by this time she’s already established herself as an actress and this movie proves it all. She has almost done every role yet still gives justice to all of them.  One thing about Anne Curtis as an actress is that she’s fierce! She’s not afraid to do whatever the role or the story asks for. This is very evident in all her past works and most especially in this movie. This is her best role portrayal to date! And my goodness she wears any fashion with unmatchable “fabulousity”! Derek Ramsay is the perfect leading man of today who’s not just all looks and body; he is an actor of great calibre! He is the complete package perfect for a leading man. He has that awesome- to-die-for hunk body which goes along with that handsome-angelic face, and to top it all up that genuine and sincere acting. His eyes are his greatest acting asset that at times when words can’t contain the emotions already, his eyes alone says it all. Christine Reyes on the other hand shows tremendous improvement with her acting in this movie. Yes, there are still a lot of times that she can’t match the acting given by Anne and Derek but I have to say she’s gone a long way from her Eva Fonda days, in fairness to her.

This movie is one of the best modern day dramas I’ve seen since 2009’s “And I Love You So”. No Other Woman is a must watch movie; a story to reckon, characters to love and hate, and dialogues to ponder on. This is the kind of big screen spectacle that’ll stay in you and you’ll remember even as the years pass by. The story of No Other Woman is a quick-witted reminder of how dangerous it is to play with fire because you might be captivated by it that you don’t know when to hold back and let go, you’re already burned. Finally, No Other Woman reminds us of the fact that this whole world is a big love battle field. Love drives us all mad and we damn right fight for it especially when ours is being threatened and I say we really should because amidst all its complexities, LOVE is always worth it all. We can choose for all we want, we can even succumb to temptations once in awhile but always do remember that hearts gets broken along the way for in a love story of two, there can be no other one! All is fair in love and a triangle sure as hell isn’t fair. Fidelity is the soul of relationships

Wedding Tayo, Wedding Hindi!


A good laugh that’s smart and makes a lot of sense!

This latest Star Cinema offering, Wedding Tayo, Wedding Hindi! is a story of two cousins who are on different crossroads of their lives but together, they lamented the different facets of love, relationships, marriage, and annulment. Precy (Eugene Domingo) has left her husband and two kids and is filing for annulment to nullify her marriage. Belay (Toni Gonzaga) is a japayuki who returns to Manila to marry her childhood friend, Oca, who proposed to her three years ago before she left for Japan. As their personal lives are on totally opposing sides of the spectrum, the two try to convince each other of their different views about love in a hope to salvage each other from a life of misery.

There is nothing remarkably new in this movie. Same plot, same predictability, but what sets this apart and makes it a must watch movie is the genius of Director Jose Javier Reyes who also wrote the screenplay. Like all his other masterpieces this movie showcased a very witty yet insightful script. This is what I love most about Joey Reyes’ movies, the script alone is a spectacle to behold.There is always an attempt to be real and genuine with the emotions and the choice of words. It’s always good to watch characters on the big screen say things as it is, as any normal human being in a dialogue would do. This treatment on a material that’s already so predictable and a plot that’s nothing but ordinary really makes movies like this entertaining and enjoyable.

Yet, the greatest downside of this movie is the very evident poor editing and almost rushed scenes perhaps to meet a scheduled play date. I understand that it’s mainstream comedy yet everyone who knows me know that I hate endings where all the characters just magically get all their happy endings. So cliche! Up to the last 10 minutes of the movie I really thought it will have a big twist at the end just so the movie won’t be typecast. But too bad, of course producers need their money back so just give the ending that majority of the Filipino viewing public would want. Thankfully, the brilliance of Joey Reyes made it bearable by finishing up every subplots and plotlines neatly concluded.

Much to this movies’ delight, the quick-witted script by Direk Joey Reyes is complemented with superb acting from two of the country’s best female comediennes of today. Eugene Domingo I believe is already a legend when comedy is concerned. She is theatre trained and undeniably an actress in her own right. She knows what she’s doing and she’s always on target, whether it be comedy or drama.You can always see the authenticity of her acting. In terms of spontaneity, Toni Gonzaga is a pro. This is her forte--street wise comedy is what she does best. She is a revelation in this movie. Her brand of comedy is just so natural. Just imagine how real and genuine the dialogues of these two when they share the same scene, it’s so believable. It’s almost not acting at all. Their spontaneous exchanges of dialogues are always a laugh fest spectacular. Zanjoe Marudo gave an equally outstanding performance and is really a good actor who’s just waiting for the biggest break of her career. Zanjoe can really act.

This movie is not something I will say superb in all aspect. Yes, it’s hilarious and makes a lot of good points to ponder on, yet it’s not the kind of story or movie for that matter that you’ll remember or will be a classic as the years pass by. It could have been so much more what with a very rich story backbone but it just didn’t exhaust its potential. What’s really admirable about this movie is that it gives what the audience wants…fun and entertainment but with a sense. Yes, I do recommend this movie if you want to laugh and be entertained because in all fairness this movie delivers and you won’t be disappointed. Its type of comedy is really smart and rightfully works. It also instils in its viewers that at the end of the day, after everything that’s been said and done it all boils down to the question of whether you still love the person you’re with or not anymore. As simple as that. 

Crazy, Stupid, Love


A brilliant romantic comedy that delivers to all ages, the saving grace of this genre!

Cal (Carell) gets the shock of his life when one night, his wife for 25 years, Emily (Moore) asks for a divorce after sleeping with a co-worker. Cal then had a downward spin as he tries to understand what has happened to their marriage. Frequenting a bar to forget and talk about David Lindhagen (his wife’s co-worker whom she slept with), to just about anyone in the bar. This bar rant of all his bitterness have led for him to be noticed by Jacob (Gosling), a hot bachelor determined to mentor him into today’s dating world. Jacob repackaged him into a whole new Cal but despite this new found world of womanizing, can he really be happy when he’s still caught up with Emily?

Crazy, Stupid, Love is different from almost all the romantic comedies of the past decade for it presents a realistic perspective of what love and relationships are all about. Typical elements of a romantic comedy were still present in this movie but it sets itself apart from all the others with the way the geniuses of directors Glenn Ficarra and John Requa executed on screen a formulaic plot we’ve seen a million times before. There’s still the understandable feel of predictability given its genre but they complemented this with hilarious twists in the story. With this, they were able to still create a certain level of suspension in disbelief which is very rare in romantic comedies these days.

In fact, the glory of this movie is in the way it capitalized on its characters and not the general feel of love euphoria aka kilig that most movies of this genre tend to focus on. Instead of relying on kisses all over the place, it revolved around the real, genuine drama of a couple going through a divorce, or a new found intimacy with someone, or the bittersweet madness of a first love. The movie presented the conflicts of the plot in such a way that it highlighted the personalities and inner struggles of each character. It is also more than worthy to point out how cleverly thought the connections of each characters are. It’s almost seamless that it did add to the movies attempt at humor. What’s also so lovable about this movie is how it didn’t try to exaggerate everything. The few words and those little moments of silence that disguises as a dramatic scene were actually the highest points of romance in the movie.

A big credit of this movie goes out to the calibre performance of its cast. Steve Carell gave a very good performance in this movie. His acting and profoundness in facial expressions gave the character of Cal depth in terms of sincerity. Julianne Moore is without a doubt an actress who can give any role justice. Her wisdom as an actress matched Carell’s wittiness on screen. Their talents gave the pairing and the story so much authenticity. Ryan Gosling sizzled in this movie and gave the hot bachelor-womanizer-sex addict role a deeper sense of worth. The character of Jacob is in every word perfect for him. Just by his new all-buffed up image the character is already perfect for him, this is still excluding his acting. Ryan is definitely one of the most versatile Hollywood actors of today. Emma Stone gave an equally good performance as Hannah and exuded a great deal of chemistry with Gosling on screen.

Crazy, Stupid, Love is a romantic comedy that knows what it wants and delivers perfectly the message it’s trying to impart. It tackles different faces of love in a broad and general sense that it caters to a very diverse audience. This movie distinguishes itself from other movies of its genre because it doesn’t try to solve each love problem there is. It also doesn’t paint a picture of an unrealistic happily ever after story but it does give its viewers a grasp of the realities of loving. Crazy, Stupid, Love also solidifies the idea of a soulmate. It tells the story of how CRAZY and mysterious it really is, it shows us how STUPID we all become chasing that elusive one great LOVE of our lives…THE ONE!

Catch Me...I'm In Love


Predictable and out of this world yet still, Catch Me…I’m In Love is one of the best feel good movies I’ve seen in recent years that will sensibly make you smile and twitch your heart in a good way.

The cinema was jam packed on its opening day; some people were even sitting in the carpeted stairs inside. Thankfully this movie didn’t disappoint. The success of any romantic comedy can only be attributed to one thing: CHEMISTRY! And I am telling everyone this movie is oozing full of that irresistible chemistry between Gerald and Sarah.

The first team-up of Gerald Anderson and Sarah Geronimo, Catch Me…I’m In Love tells the love story of a simple lass who’s working for an NGO (Helping Hands) dedicated in servicing kids of less fortunate families and those in remote areas of the country, and the spoiled, conceited son of the President of the Republic of the Philippines. Opposing each other from the first time they met, Roan Sanchez (Geronimo) was tasked by the President (Christopher de Leon) to facilitate the immersion of his son, Erick Rodriguez (Anderson) to make him realize the value of government projects and servicing the country. And sooner, an unexpected attraction blossomed but will they be brave enough to fight for love amidst the complications of the vastness of extreme differences their worlds have?

You do not need a genius or the best film critique in town to tell you that this movie is predictable but there is something about this film that makes it very enjoyable and won’t waste a minute of your time. The rawness and authenticity of the script makes it so genuine and close to home. The premise of the movie is already out of this world as it is, a story you’ll dare say, it only happens in the movie. But Mel Mendoza del Rosario penned a script that made an out of this world love story so close to reality that it’s very relatable and believable as true. The last thing you would want for a formulaic rom-com is a script full of flowery and mushy lines. What I love about this movie is that it free us all of that tackiness and instead presented a love story that honest to goodness is a one in a million likelihood to happen in real life but with a script that is sincere, you have a cliché that looks and feels fresh. It also helps that the characterization of both main characters were both flawlessly solid and that’s just one of the best things to back up a plot of this genre.

For a movie that wrapped up shooting three days before its nationwide screening it is just commendable how Director Mae Cruz executed this movie. There was not much fanfare in each scene but trust me it worked and it made things in the movie as real as it can be. Cinematography is admirable and mind you editing was seamless. It was great!

Sarah Geronimo is not really fit for drama. This is the genre where she excels and you can tell that she’s already a pro in it. She’s just so natural and spontaneous. You can count on Toni Gonzaga in terms of spontaneity of humor in a romantic comedy movie but if eliciting that instinctive uncontainable feeling of kilig, that’s Sarah’s forte. I’m not really a fan of Sarah G. but she is very lovable here. There’s no point elaborating and talk like a broken record just how good-looking and HOT Gerald Anderson is. It’s too obvious that I adore every inch of the guy! Acting wise, I maintain my opinion that he’s one of the best actors of his generation. Next to John Lloyd Cruz he’s the best for me. The role of Erick Rodriguez is hands down perfect for him. I also have to say that one of the things I love about Gerald is that he can portray whole lots of versatile roles so convincingly. He can do kilig-kiligan like this one, he can be a drama actor, and he’s very good in action and that for me is an ACTOR. Trust me, no one can match the handsome vain, self-conceited, and over confident aura of appeal he exudes on screen the way he does.

Honestly, this is what I love about Star Cinema rom-coms, you know the formula: boy meets girl, they fall in love, then a complication arises, they break up for a while, they make up and end up living they’re happily ever after, but somehow they are able to present love stories of such typecast with rawness and sensibleness that will stir in you a realization of some sort. I am not saying Catch Me…I’m In Love is the best feel good movie of the year. I’m simply saying it’s worth your time and money.

It’s the feel good movie that will really make you feel good. And once in a while it’s great to feel that irrepressible kilig deep within. Most importantly this movie is a great reminder that we can choose a lot of things in this life but we can’t choose who our heart loves. Ultimately who determines our compatibility with the person we love is ours to make. Who cares what the world says when people will each have varied opinions. True love nowadays is such an elusive emotion bestowed to but a few of us and so you take it where you have it. You go for it and fight for it because at the end of the day, the opinion that matters the most in a relationship is the ones of those in it.

How Do You Know


A sappy romantic comedy bordering to silly, “How Do You Know” is a big disappointment in many levels I could think of.

A story of triangular romance between Lisa (Witherspoon) an ace softball player who was dropped from the team after passing 30 years old, Matty (Wilson), her playboy-baseball pitcher boyfriend, and George (Rudd), a very nice gentleman executive who is the subject of a Federal investigation for allegedly falsifying corporate incomes. Not knowing that his father and boss (Nicholson), and his dirty ways in business was what put him in that exact predicament. As Lisa go through this difficult patch in her life, she finds herself assessing not only her life but more so her beliefs about love.

I can’t begin to point out where this movie went wrong. Whether it’s in the lame script, or in the humor that’s really just a mockery of what comedy is, or in the lack of contagious, euphoric joy of romance, one thing is certain---the movie failed big time in delivering what it’s supposed to give. 90% of the movie was a dull narrative moviegoers just can’t seem to relate to. The story was okay and could have been such a good love story but the execution failed big time in making a cliché feel captivating or even hold your thoughts for a good five minutes. There was so much talking and little action. It appears to be saying a lot of things and trying hard to be something great that unfortunately in the end it wasn’t able to give what particular message it’s trying to convey. The main problem of this movie was its tediousness in every sense of the word and ultimately the lack of any tension in the plot.

It could have been a great movie with its stellar all-star cast but it’s far from anything but crap, to be honest, their acting geniuses were thrashed in this movie. I don’t like Reese Witherspoon here. There was nothing impressive with her performance in this movie. It actually just highlighted her weaknesses as an actress. Owen Wilson is fine---funny fine…he at least gave justice to his role. Jack Nicholson as always is just okay. PAUL RUDD IS LOVABLE AND VERY VERY GORGEOUS IN THIS MOVIE. His acting was not superbly great but good. I love his line deliveries!

This movie is another “could have been” in Hollywood history. It looks very very promising on the outside but with all honesty, this is a movie you should have judged from the poster. I won’t say it’s a complete waste of time but I will distinctly say that it’s unremarkable and not worth it.

P.S. One of the stars is just for the gorgeousness of Paul Rudd in the film otherwise it would have been just 1 star.
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