The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1


Average at its best, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 is an adaptation that fairly delivers what’s left of an overrated phenomenon.

It’s a dream come true for the mortal Bella Swan (Stewart) to be married to his perfect vampire boyfriend, Edward Cullen (Pattinson). But happily ever after is just not theirs to grasp when an unexpected turn of events began to unfold as the new Mrs. Cullen becomes pregnant. Conflicts arise when the ancient treaty of peaceful co-existence between the werewolf pack and the vampire family has been breached as everyone believes that the baby is a threat for everyone.

There is something about the Twilight saga movies that makes it an “almost there but never quite there” kind of movies. For starters, it wasn’t able to contain the hype and mystery that makes a series adaptation compelling in every sense, kinda like what the Harry Potter series have done for 10 long years. Can it be because the first movie was an epic failure in terms of production and over-all output or is it possible that its story just doesn’t have what it takes? It now becomes a crisis figuring out what went wrong in this movie franchise. Is it the story itself or perhaps just the movie adaptations? Well, I guess it’s both.

In the age of True Bloods and The Walking Deads where HOT, sexy, and fierce are being redefined, somehow the vampire and werewolf story this saga presents seems too bland. It’s like a steak without salt and pepper, pasta without parmesan. It just feels so cliché, predictable, and unexciting; in short, overrated in epic proportions. You watch it because it’s there or you’ve seen all the other instalments so might as well watch it too. Or you’ve read the book and just for the sake of.

On the upside, first and foremost, I have to commend the beautiful screenplay by Melissa Rosenberg, yet again. Among all the books, I think it was on Twilight and Breaking Dawn that Stephenie Meyer really got her creative juices out. She wrote Breaking Dawn very beautifully and so I am very glad that like the New Moon and Eclipse movies, this also stayed faithful to the book. Locations and cinematography gave as much justice to the marvellously rich imagery Meyer provided in the book. Lighting is perfect and editing was seamless. I think Director Bill Condon did a great job in terms of execution because he was able to bring to life scenes that were very critical in terms of an honest and decent depiction. These are scenes like the breaking of bed honeymoon consummation, Bella’s delivery, as well as Bella’s metamorphosis into a vampire. So good job! Also, sound and visual effects were so good! At least this aspect is amazing.

One more thing that makes this movie good is the beautiful beautiful music, not to mention Carter Burwell’s incredible scoring. I never liked a single music from the New Moon and Eclipse movies respectively but with this one, I love all the songs. Music choices were great this time.

The biggest downer of this movie is the below average, not even mediocre acting of all three main characters. By this time, they should have been giving their characters enough justice. This is also that part of the saga where much of the story’s narrative will depend on character building and eventual growth and maturity from each of them. Unfortunately, all three of them bombed at this one. Kristen Stewart I believe is one of the worst actresses of her generation and of all time! My goodness! Robert Pattinson still has no emotion and un-relatable in all aspect. Yes, he’s handsome but that’s it. He delivers line in monotone. Taylor Lautner is somehow a far outcry from the acting of his two co-stars but still needs a lot of in-depth polishing.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 is still a very enjoyable movie especially for fans and, now so-so fans like me. It gives you the visual image of the texts you’ve once loved in Meyer’s book and with all due fairness, it’s a good adaptation in many ways. It is still worth all the anticipation, your money, and time. It’s not a spectacle you’ll never forget but a nice spectacle to enjoy while it’s there. It’s also a nice medium to reminisce your crazy teenage love life. And while you’re already there, savour the guilty pleasures it brings. 

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