Kimmy Dora and the Temple of Kyeme


Not only is it comedy at its best, Kimmy Dora and The Temple of Kyeme is also what sequels should be!

It’s common knowledge that creating a sequel is one of the greatest challenges in film making let alone create one that even surpass its predecessor in terms of quality and substance but this sequel to Kimmy Dora does just that.

The screenplay is one of the bests I’ve ever watched in Pinoy comedy movie. The plot is simple and almost shallow to its core but it was written very well along with a very funny script that there’s no boring, corny factor in it. The comedy it presented is very fresh and natural that it will really transport you to the world it created negating the out-of-this-world feel we usually get from mainstream cinema. I’ve always been a fan of Chris Martinez. His 100 is still my favorite movie of all-time. I also applaud his Last Order Sa Penguin as well as his other hits like Here Comes The Bride and Ang Babae Sa Septik Tank, and I must say that this movie just made me admire him even more.

The seamless blending of comedy, drama, and horror in this movie is also one for the books. It was perfectly manifested in the entire film. To be honest, the “gulat” factor is more defined in this film than Joyce Bernal’s overrated “Segunda Mano” last December. Lighting and Cinematography are equally amazing. The shots really made me love South Korea. Even the special effects were done excellently and believably. This movie knows its strengths from the script, to the over-all screenplay, to its actors and it instinctively capitalized in all of it creating all-time highs of the movie.

As far as the lead star’s acting is concern, I have nothing to say but WOW to Eugene Domingo. Acting in two different characters is hard enough but to portray two extreme characters at the same time with the perfection she does is just genius! Seriously, thank God for a Eugene Domingo in Philippine cinema! She’s outstanding and remarkably the ONLY one. The most poignant scene of the movie is actually the one where Dora is giving back her engagement ring to a half-awake, comatose Johnson and knowing the character of Dora, there will probably be the slightest part of you who would want to laugh but I swear believe me when I say you will be carried away. The scene lasted for just a minute or two but you can feel the genuinely innocent pain of her Dora character there. That’s how brilliant actress EUGENE DOMINGO is!

In conclusion, Kimmy Dora and the Temple of Kyeme is a must watch comedy. In my own honest opinion it’s funnier than the first Kimmy Dora and if you enjoyed it I guarantee that this one will exceed your expectations. I truly hope that more Pinoy comedy movies with substance and wit like this will be produced. Enough of the Wenn Deramas shitty crap comedy that’s so prevalent in mainstream cinema today, please!

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