Eat Pray Love


Exceptionally great and encompassing, Eat Pray Love is one of this year’s most remarkable films. A real must see!

Based on the bestselling book by Elizabert Gilbert, Eat Pray Love tells the story of a woman who despite of her almost perfect life feels confused, lost, and unhappy. Realizing that this is not what she wants, she gets a divorce, took a risk of leaving everything behind, and took off to a journey of finding herself again. From finding the “sweetness of doing nothing” at Italy, to discovering the peace of meditation in India, and finally finding the perfect balance to love again in Bali, Liz Gilbert shares one of the most compelling stories of self discovery.

I’d like to start by saying that  Eat Pray Love the book tops my list of favorite books ever since I've read it. I was very critical about this movie adaptation when I heard about it because I really want it to not turn out like other books to movie adaptations. I have to confess that as early as chapter 3 of the book I already thought that no one can ever play the role of Liz Gilbert but Julia Roberts. I can’t even think of any other actress who can play this role. It’s absolutely tailor made for her! I think Julia Roberts’ portrayal of Liz Gilbert is beyond words astonishingly amazing! The Oscar winning actress was perfect in every scene, in every emotion, in every line. Her mere presence in every frame is a spectacle in its own right. Julia Roberts is and will forever be THE ACTRESS!

What I love about Eat Pray Love the movie is that it stayed loyal to the book. I have to say that this is by far one of the best movie adaptations I have ever seen. The book is rich with deep expressions of emotions and devotions coming from the innermost corners of the heart. And it’s good that they took some of Gilbert’s remarkable lines to be part of the script. It made the script more authentic and believable. It’s always best to include the author herself in the production of the movie especially in building the framework of the script. I have to give due respect to the director, Ryan Murphy for a job well done as far as execution is concern.

One of the highlights of this movie is the breathtaking sceneries it was able to capture as it brings us to the romantic backdrop of Italy, culture-abundant India, and serenity of nature in Indonesia. I have to commend this movie’s cinematographer for the wonderful picturesque it was able to depict in the movie. I’d have to say that the only downside of here was when some of the story’s solemn, reflective power was lost in translation. It’s also noteworthy to say that some key turning points in the book weren’t part of the final movie like the time when Liz Gilbert went to Venice or including more of her reflections and how she resolved her conflict in terms of love before opening herself up again for it. But despite all these I have to say that this movie was thoroughly made and these are all but understandable considering that it’s really impossible to fit an almost 400 pages book into a 2-hour movie.

Eat Pray Love is a movie for people who can appreciate it because at some point he/she have gone through a somewhat similar situation in life. It is for someone who needed to get a way, for someone who needs change, for someone who for a moment needed to take risk and rearrange her life again. Eat Pray Love is for someone who needs the courage to step up, make a stand and let go of the past for the promise of a happier future. Its story may seem too self-gratifying at times, depending on how you look at it but the journey to self discovery that Liz Gilbert shared, of letting yourself go and finding YOU again is an honest and compelling attempt in embracing your innermost being.

Salute to Eat Pray Love!

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