Till My Heartaches End


Not your typical Pinoy romance movie, this one’s brilliantly made and can go head to head with the well-loved classic, “One More Chance”.

Till My Heartaches End is the love story of a barista, Paolo (Gerald) who’s ambitious and somewhat over confident and falls in love with Agnes (Kim), a no-boyfriend-since-birth province lass who’s here in Manila to pass her Nursing licensure exam. The two first met on the cafe where Paolo was working. Destiny made its way and by chance they met again at Recto. Soon, they fell in love and everything seems to be going smoothly until Paolo finds a new job. As a Real Estate Agent, not only was he able to level up his living but also open himself up to a more high class crowd. An environment Agnes doesn’t feel she belonged. Conflicts arise in their relationship as Agnes feels more and more irrelevant and unimportant to his new world and Paolo for his part, felt his love is no longer enough to make her happy. In the face of these conflicts and struggles, will they be strong enough to fight for their love or will they give up and just move on? Will destiny still matter?

I’d like to begin this review with praises to the Director, Direk Joey Reyes for yet another masterpiece. He doesn’t only know what he wants, he captures them so perfectly. To me, that’s the true mark of a brilliant Director, being able to depict on silver screen the realities of human emotions without bias and exaggerations. This is his forte as a Director. He creates movies that are honest and sincere; movies that doesn’t give you the, this-only-happens-in-the-movies kind of feeling. As a film maker, he’s one of those we can call a true blue genius!

Viewers can easily relate to the story because of the wonderfully written script also by Direk Joey Reyes. The script’s rich insights of the human emotions draw viewers to be emotionally invested in the love story of Paolo and Agnes. Once again and I have to point this out, the biggest come on of the script is its use of genuine human emotions of kilig, hurt, frustrations, and disappointments. No sugar-coating, no corny cliché lines that makes Pinoy romance movies unbelievable and so untrue. The script of Till My Heartaches End is like any other Joey Reyes’ films were dialogues and conversations are plain, simple, and direct to the point. They were all constructed and chained in a manner that doesn’t make you feel as if you’re watching a movie at all. The story, the plot, and the script are all so believable.

This movie is a lot different from all the other local romance movies produced prior to it for it was successful in deviating from tradition. The movies’ narrative flows by the use of a third person technique. Where viewers are given access not only to the thoughts and emotions of the main characters but also with what the people outside their relationship (family and friends) thinks about Paolo and Agnes’ different personalities that greatly affects the relationship. I commend Direk Joey Reyes for using this technique and for flawlessly executing it in the big screen.

Above all, this movie is remarkable because unlike most of the romance movies Filipinos are accustomed to, this one doesn’t betray its characters and the story itself. There’s enough room for suspension of disbelief. At same time, it doesn’t give us a speedy ending that after all the conflicts the characters faced, something happens in an instant and their conflicts are magically resolved. Instead, it leaves the viewers an opportunity to create their own conclusion to the story. It leaves room for the imagination to decipher what really happened after the closing credits.

It’s also noteworthy to give due credits to the cast especially to the movie’s main stars Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson. Their undeniable chemistry provided an easy vehicle for viewers to be instantly captivated with the appropriate emotions one should feel in every turning point of the narrative. Truly, these two actors have graduated as the teeny-teeny boppers we’ve known them to be. Gerald can really act as evident to his great portrayal of JR in the hit teleserye “Tayong Dalawa” and in his numerous MMK portrayals. Kim on the other hand is equally talented in acting. Her maturity and versatility as an actress has amazed not only her fans but her critics as well. She just needs the right material at the right time and who knows she can soon level with Bea Alonzo, acting wise. The ensemble of supporting characters also provided much enjoyment and essential acting in making the narrative more effective. Most notable supporting characters are those of Matet de Leon who’s very very brilliant as an actress! Desiree del Valle, Boots Anson Roa, Mark Gil, and Kakai Bautista are equally awesome in their roles.

After watching this movie, I have to say that among all the movies I’ve seen this year, Till My Heartaches End has got to be the one that touched my heart the most. It touched the deepest corners of my heart and I am being honest that writing this review proved to be an effort to me. I guess it’s pretty obvious that my next statement will be I highly recommend this movie to everyone but not because I relate too much with the story instead, because the movie is very good. One of the best films of its genre!
The movie will awaken in its viewers a lot of suppressed and repressed emotions we’ve already hidden/forgotten deep in our hearts. I’m sure anybody can relate and will remember someone after watching this movie. It reminds us what destiny is all about—an idea almost unfathomable but so true. It’s been written that our life here on earth is already pre-planned for us. All the people we meet, all the heartaches, all the experiences good and bad. And this movie proves to be a great reminder that while some things are built to last, some are bound to end. We just can’t help it for everything is destined in this life.


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