My Amnesia Girl


Sensibly hilarious, “My Amnesia Girl” is what Romantic Comedies are all about.

At first I wasn’t very sure about this movie. For one, I am uncertain if the main stars do have chemistry on silver screen. It also doesn’t help that the trailer as well as the theme song weren’t appealing. Still, I headed to the cinema and watched on its first day of theatrical screening. Gladly, the movie didn’t disappoint. In fact, I wasn’t expecting a jam-packed movie house given that Star Cinema’s promotions wasn’t as heavy compared to their previous offerings. When I got out of the Gateway Cineplex 3, there was also a long queue waiting for the gates to open.

A playboy salesman, Apollo (John Llyod Cruz) is starting to realize the need for him to already settle down but her bride is still nowhere in sight. Of his past, one ex-girlfriend really made a mark in his life, Irene (Toni Gonzaga). By work of fate he accidentally saw her again in a grocery store but to his utter amazement, Irene doesn’t recognize him anymore. Claiming to have suffered amnesia from an accident, Irene can’t seem to remember anything about their relationship. How now can Apollo win her back?

There are many noteworthy things to say about this movie. First of is the wonderful script that’s full of funny, at times corny love jokes we usually read in text messages. Humour is the backbone of the script. It’s stuffed with hilarious lines that are reasonable and in a way will make you think of the idea it wants to convey. There are also serious love conversations about hurt, pain, and regret that were all carried out fine because of a very well written narrative. The humorous lines made the dark emotions of anger and hatred a little less heavy and dramatic yet still maintaining the accurateness of a heartaches emotion. I particularly love John Lloyd’s monologue at the start of the movie. Really makes sense.

Again, Direk Cathy Garcia-Molina was able to deliver a romantic comedy that gives justice to the genre it belongs. There’s a reason why it’s called a rom-com and this movie was flawlessly successful in mixing these two entities in order to create a feel of “kilig” and laughter at the same time. The story was properly executed because while making it a point to make the audience laugh, it didn’t lose its main purpose to tell a love story and depict romance. And because the movie was fun and very entertaining, you wouldn’t mind the predictive ending as the story progresses. The only thing a little off in the movie was the twist towards the ending of the story with Apollo’s character. Should it really happen? I believe there were a lot of other twists of events that could have worked if the creative team explored more.

Credit goes to the main stars John Lloyd Cruz and Toni Gonzaga not only for the unexpected chemistry they exuded on screen but also for their praise worthy acting. Cruz has proven himself in drama and now, who knew he could also do comedy so perfectly? He’s really the epitome of a brilliant actor. I’d also like to point out that looks wise, so far, he’s at his best in this movie. He melts hearts in every angle, every frame. Gonzaga on the other hand shined in the movie as this genre is her forte. Her innate talent in comedy is a classic and very endearing. Also, Gonzaga did not only show her comic side here, she also proved that she can do drama and cry as naturally like Kim Chiu and Bea Alonzo. After watching this movie I can now say that indeed, Toni Gonzaga is Philippine’s Queen of Romantic Comedies.

By now it’s evident that I highly recommend this movie and I say it as a huge fan of this genre. After watching tons of movies like this, I can say that this particular one is worth it by all means. It’s perfect for late night, after work movie dates when you just want to relax and enjoy, at the same time “kiligin”. Very entertaining! This movie will make you laugh and will move you to contemplate further on love, second chances, and most importantly the idea of a destined love...of a someone amidst all the forces of this world is specially meant for you.

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