And I Love You So

4/5 stars

Full of emotions, romantic, and sexy, “And I Love You So” is this year’s HOT movie everybody shouldn’t miss.

24-year old Pres-school teacher Lara (Bea Alonzo) suddenly lost her almost perfect husband Oliver (Derek Ramsay) when he suffered brain aneurysm on the very day of her birthday. Grief-stricken by the passing away of her first and one great love, Lara didn’t know how to pick up the pieces of her heart and continue living when the one person worth living for is already gone. Dying together with the love of her life is her will to continue living. For her every waking morning is another day of misery. But like any other widow, she forces herself to move on and carry over the pain. Starting over came hand in hand with other life problems for Lara and in a series of chance encounters she met Chris (Sam Milby), a hot, playboy, newly-separated from his wife club DJ who will tremendously help her in starting a new beginning. As they grow closer to each other and romance made its way, can their love survive the conflicts of their broken hearts? Can Chris really help Lara let go and make her fairly love him too? And ultimately, will Lara be able to open her heart and give love a second chance?

Director Lauren Dyogi’s big screen comeback, I must say, showed a lot of improvements from his other films namely, “All My Life” and “Now That I Have You”. There were of course glitches but at least his execution is improving. I just have to point out that probably one of the few problematic executions in the film was Bea’s realization that she’s been mourning for quite sometime already. What? Just by looking at her engagement ring and wedding ring? It seems too raw for a turning point like that.

The build up of romance in my opinion is admirable. Its execution is very good. I saw and more importantly felt how first it was just attraction from Chris and gradually falling for Lara and finally he fell in love; the same goes for Lara’s character. I am pointing this out because it is very important in a love story or any stories for this matter that there’s proper implementation of the sequence of events. In that way the emotions of the audience flows along with the story. I also have to mention that the kilig moments in this film were really WOW. I can’t help but bite my lips giving in to so much kilig.

The movie’s main plot and script is very remarkable. The story itself is not new to us, we’ve probably seen it in another movie or perhaps on TV but because of a very beautifully written script, you wouldn’t notice that this story has been done before. Again, I regard Star Cinema and the script writer, Vanessa Valdez (I hope I got it correctly) for a script that’s not cheesy and not at all exaggerated. This is the kind of script that of course because of its genre, there are portions which seems to be out of this world already but what I’ve noticed with Star Cinema over the years is that their scripts are more and more realistic as time goes by. Genuine human emotions are depicted and stories are very realistic. I am so glad that the Philippine film industry today, Star Cinema to be specific has veered away from the “I love you I can’t live without you. Please don’t leave me” kind of scripts. It’s so refreshing and now Filipino love stories have become sensible enough.

Another high point of this movie is its take to a very heavy story and yet you don’t feel like it’s too much for you to bear. The drama in this movie is just enough. The addition of certain comedians to the cast is also a wise move because it balances out the tone of drama and pain already set at the beginning of the movie. As I’ve said it is very praiseworthy of Director Lauren Dyogi of how properly he executed the screenplay in such a way that even though the movie is dealing with drama and at times comedy, still, the romantic element of the movie is intact and dominating the entire movie.

I also have to mention how beautiful the shots were. Scenic view was just awesome. Cinematography was also a two thumbs up. I personally love the scene where Lara was letting go of Oliver and while she’s saying her final goodbye before she threw the locket where she’s kept Oliver’s ashes, Bea was in a boat with big cliffs of rock in her background, wow! It’s amazing!

Bea Alonozo and Sam Milby’s overly publicized love scene was shot very very well. Cinematography was just perfect. It was fierce and passionate but romantic in many ways. Skillfully done I must say. And yes, this is probably Bea’s most daring love scene to date.

In a recent interview Bea expressed her anxiousness about this movie because it is her first time to be paired in the big screen with other leading men after her consecutive box-office movies with love team John Lloyd Cruz. Also, this movie is her coming off age movie. She said she did this movie because she wanted people to see that she’s now a lady, an actress in her own right. I’d like to believe this movie did justice to that. Bea has arrived. Her acting is magnificent. Not over acting, not hysterical, just enough for her to convey Lara’s angst, fears, and pains. Indeed, this story is perfect for her. Director Lauren Dyogi was able to let the lady in Bea Alonzo shine.

There’s so much improvement in Derek Ramsay and Sam Milby’s acting in this movie. Truly, these two actors have come a long way. Not only is Derek Ramsay sizzling hot but hey the man can really act. His eyes are his best acting asset. Maging Sino Ka Man really honed Sam in many ways. One moment he’s the hot, irresistible bad boy then he’s the charming boy-next-door you’d love to bring home to mom. For two hours inside the movie house I forgot a Piolo Pascual is existing for boy oh boy Sam Milby is HOT!!! Also, aside from Derek and Piolo, Sam has the best abs among the actors in our generation!

“And I Love You So” is not the type of movie that’ll later on be a classic. Its plot has been depicted in visual arts many times before but this movie I have to tell everybody is the one you wouldn’t wanna miss. It’s a breather from all the romantic-comedies these days. It’s a sensible movie that’ll teach you how to deal with the pain of a lost love. It’ll show you that there is life after mourning and that ultimately, at a certain point, we all have to LET GO and open our hearts again. After all, LOVE ALWAYS DESERVES A SECOND CHANCE.

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