The Proposal


Enjoyable, funny, and filled with just enough romance, “The Proposal” is a romantic-comedy at its best!

Addicted to romantic-comedies as I am, it is a given fact that I will watch this in its opening day. I was actually aiming to see the sneak previews last week for I really can’t wait but I didn’t get the chance. After months of eager anticipation, this movie didn’t disappoint me at all. As a matter of fact, it’s now one of my all-time favorite romantic-comedies.

Facing an unexpected deportation after her visa renewal was denied, antagonistic, bitchy, and unsympathetic publishing house editor-in-chief Margaret Tate (Bullock) forces her hunky, naïve assistant, Andrew Paxton (Reynolds) to marry her. With a promise of promotion to being an editor, Andrew agrees with Margaret’s charades setting his own conditions. When government intervened, the two were forced to head to Alaska for a weekend with his family. Totally selling the lie, Andrew and Margaret were faced to an impromptu wedding at his hometown. Little that they know, as they spent more and more time together, they’ve gotten closer on a personal basis and have fallen in love. But at the eve of the wedding, Margaret couldn’t bring herself to stick to their plan and deceivingly say ‘I Do’ in front of Andrew’s family she’s come to love…

Being predictable is an inevitable element of a romantic-comedy. But what differentiates this movie among others was that there was a substantially rich story, cleverly written script, and excellent acting from the actors all rolled into one. The great combination of these three cinematic elements created a movie that made use of the cliché romantic-comedy formula but making you forget its predictability. Once you watch the movie, you will not notice time for you’ll be simply drawn to the story as it unfolds. It was hilarious at a certain extent and you’ll notice how fresh the comedy the story is offering. It veered away from the cliché comedy we’ve already watched in hundreds of romance-comedies over the years. There was ample amount of romance to stimulate our hopeless romantic side. Also, I wanna point out that the build up of romance between Andrew and Margaret didn’t appear as a rush. That’s one of the reasons why this movie sets it apart from other movies of its kind because the romance was properly executed. You as an audience wouldn’t question how the characters fell in love that fast as a matter of fact, while the romance was building up, you will feel how the fictitious love story is possible in real life. Just like with her 2008 hit, “27 Dresses”, Director Anne Fletcher was able to execute a love story that’s not so larger than life impossible. She was able to show it with so much realism in it.

There was an undeniable chemistry between Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock. A romantic-comedy will never be successful without this fundamental element and make no mistake Bullock and Reynolds’ chemistry will make you believe that this love story is happening in real life…right in front of you. Their acting was just enough for what every scene demands. Sandra Bullock with her charisma and wit is gorgeous and just right in this movie. Ryan Reynolds…a new matinee idol is born! He’s perfect for the character of Andrew and his innate calm, innocent humor was just the best, flawlessly combined to his boy-next-door appeal. And boy can I just say he’s jaw-droppin’ HOT HOT HOT!

With its wonderful balance of romance and comedy perfectly woven to a fantastic story, very well written and never exaggerating script, fine acting, and properly executed love story in camera, “THE PROPOSAL” is the romantic-comedy event of 2009! It is a love story that tells us love can never be boxed in how long or short time you’ve known a person for you to love him/her. It can happen overnight, over a weekend, who knows? But when love happens, it just does. You just gotta deal with it in every possible way. This movie is worth the wait and certainly worth the 160 bucks.

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