Going the Distance


Bold, funny, and romantic. “Going the Distance” is a perfect weekend movie treat!

I’ve been meaning to watch this ever since I saw its trailer when I watched “A-Team” some three months ago. I have to say that for a rom-com super fan like me, the movie didn’t disappoint.

Having troubles with commitment and understanding the female language, Garrett (Justin Long) was dumped by his girlfriend. Trying to cheer him up, his friends took him out to a bar and there he met Erin (Drew Barrymore). Erin is an intern at a major New York newspaper company and she’s only staying in New York for summer. The two hit off right away and began a no strings attached summer fling, dating every night and breakfasts during mornings. Their characters fit perfectly. But summer ended and Erin has to go back to San Francisco. Realizing that they’re both crazy in love with each other, they decided to continue what they have and bring it to the next level though now, they have different time zones and miles of distance between them. Can they make it work?

In my opinion, this was the kind of romantic comedies meant for young adults. It veered away from the clichés and mushiness of typical rom-com movies we’ve gone accustomed to.There’s a sense of balance in this movie that will make guys like it as well. The usually dragging and often times predictive plot of a romantic comedy was made honest and more realistic by the repetitive use of vulgar and cursing words in the script.

I have to say that this movie’s script is admirable because it didn’t flood its audience with tons of mushy, verging to yucky professions of love through words. It’s also noteworthy to point out that the movie’s story was perfectly executed in the big screen. Though what was depicted of the difficulties and struggles of a long distance relationship in the movie was not half as much of how hard it really is, I have to say that the movie did quite a great job in trying to show its conflicts. People should remember that this is a romantic comedy and as much as it tried to be the mature kind, it still is a romantic comedy. Thus, expecting a plot that will enumerate and make a rundown of the problems that will arise in a situation like this is a no no. The movie balanced it out with enough humour to make it feel light and fun. After all, this is a feel good movie. It’s supposed to make you feel good and not burden you further.

The on-screen, very natural chemistry of real life sweethearts Drew Barrymore and Justin Long provided the biggest come on of this movie. It gets kinda dragging sometime but the lovers’ chemistry makes you feel as if what you’re watching is really happening. They’re laughs, body language, and most importantly their acting is so natural and genuine. It very much helped the plot of the story. It provided authenticity to the otherwise very predictable storyline. Drew and Justin’s acting were also great. No overreacting expressions and half-baked what the hell is that acting all about. The material perfectly fit Drew and Justin.

The only downside of this movie for me was the conclusion. It started fine and the stability carried over up to the last 20 minutes of the movie. Important turning points were all present and never would you feel as if the story is being rushed. There’s proper timing and the build up of the love story was properly executed. But something went wrong with the movie’s ending. Though I liked the fact that they didn’t show a one month after scene to show what really happened to the characters and left it to the moviegoers’ imagination, the entire ending appeared to me as a hastened one. That all of a sudden, that’s it, let’s do this, end of story. The resolution to the story’s conflict was resolved so easy that you’ll have yourself questioning, why did they even bother to make it as a problem when they could have done that early on? It somehow betrayed the characters themselves for at the end, you don’t need to be a genius to figure out what should be done to make the relationship work after all.

Despite its glitch in the resolution part, I still recommend this movie especially for young adults like me. The movie’s honesty and not to mention superb wittiness makes it one of the best, matured romantic comedies I’ve ever seen. It’s the kind of movie that will make you laugh and ponder while watching. It’s totally a breather from all the overly dramatic infatuated kind of romantic comedies. This movie will entertain you and will definitely remind you the hardships, struggles, and pain of being in a long distance relationship. The movie is a reminder of the greater responsibilities when you are in this kind of relationship. Yes, it is a challenge to make it work but in the face of true love, no amount of time apart or miles and oceans between you can ever hinder its power. Especially in this day and age of technology, long distance relationships are bearable. The key to make it work is ultimately, TRUST and COMMITMENT. Without these two, a long distance relationship and relationships in general is doomed. Finally, this movie will make you realize that if it’s true love, fate will make its way.

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