The Twilight Saga: Eclipse


Very well made but less exciting, Eclipse is just how every fan wanted it to be.

In this third instalment of Meyer’s vampire story, Bella Swan (Stewart) is faced with a daunting choice, is it Edward or is it Jacob? As she is even more caught up between the complicated loves of two important men in her life, their little town of Forks and neighbouring town of Seattle is also being haunted by mysterious killings and disappearances. And despite their reservations, Edward (Pattinson) and Jacob (Lautner) are forced to work with each other to protect the girl who means everything to them.

I am a huge fan of the Twilight saga and not only did I fell in love with the story but I’ve come to love each and every character too. I’ve made it a point to read every page of the books with much enthusiasm and understanding. But I’ll admit to the fact that among the four books of the saga, it’s with Eclipse that I felt bored and really unhappy about. I didn’t like its storyline and most of its chapters are unexciting and dragging which was also the case with the movie.

I was fighting yawns and sleepiness during the first hour of it. It felt as if the movie doesn’t have a climax. And just like with the book, it only half peeked in the camping moment when Edward and Jacob had a long conversation about Bella while she was sleeping; my favourite moment in the story. Maybe it’s just me but the entire Eclipse plot and storyline appeared to me as a desperate intent to stretch a teenage my-world-revolves-around-you story. Or perhaps it’s because of the unappealing path the Twilight story had taken in this instalment.

The first movie was kind of cute, the second was a big improvement, and this third one is a plateau in the equation. Meaning, it’s the so-so among the three. Nothing about it was so spectacular to be remembered, nothing about it was so mesmerizing to take your breath away.

On a positive note, it’s an applauding feeling how close this movie adaptation was to the book’s story. It felt so good to see on silver screen the moments you read in the book perfectly depicted just how you imagined them to be. Once again screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg incorporated some valuable and memorable lines from the book into the final script. It maybe redundant to note but that’s the thing with movie adaptations from books, we want the movies to stay as true and loyal to the story of the book counter-part.

Though the storyline may be boring, I have to say that the movie was very well done. Director David Slade did a wonderful job. His execution was praiseworthy. Also, the special effects were really good and very much believable.

Perhaps the biggest disappointment in this movie will have to be the acting of the three main actors. Kristen Stewart gave a horrible acting as Bella Swan. Again, maybe it’s just me, but I am now even more convinced that Stewart can’t act. Her facial expressions were either exaggerated or totally irrelevant. She drops line monotonously and acts so plain. I totally take back my previous acknowledgements to her acting for bluntly, the girl can’t act.

There is something wrong with Pattinson’s performance in this movie or I was just too busy lusting over him in the two previous instalments that I failed to give much analysis and theatrical value to his acting. It’s safe to say that the man has a lot of potential acting wise but needs a lot of improvement to make it more genuine and believable.

Taylor Lautner on the other hand has improved a lot if acting is concerned but then again he’s a clear example of almost there but never really quite on the way. It’s unremarkable and totally forgettable. Also, I want to express my displeasure every time Lautner will appear shirtless on screen. I swear, call me weird but his body is totally unappealing and far from being sexy. Seriously, it’s not delightful to see his overly buff, ill-proportioned body flaunting all the time. It’s clearly a result of steroids to rush the body built for the movie.

Thank God Dakota Fanning was in the movie. I say this without bias and with full conviction; Kristen may get the lead role but DAKOTA FANNING IS THE STAR OF ECLIPSE! She’s magnificent!

Eclipse is not as exciting and remarkable than Twilight and New Moon are but it’s certainly worth everyone’s time and money. It’s the instalment every fan shouldn’t miss. After all, this is the kind of movie adaptation that caters more on the interest and likeness of the saga’s fans. I believe also that non-fans would still enjoy the movie if only to get through for the story’s conclusion in the next instalment. Special effects will also make the 2 hours inside the cinema really bearable.

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