Sex and the City 2


And they’re back!

Sex and the City was perhaps one of the best things that ever happened to TV. It was a phenomenon that helped shaped pop culture across the globe. Its ending was indeed, an ending of an era. Two years ago we were all CARRIEd away when we saw the reunion of the girls on the big screen. Now it’s 2010 and the girls are back with the glamour and fabulousness we’ve all come to love.

It’s been two years since Carrie became Mrs. Preston and married life proves to be a challenge for her. As Mr. Big likes to stay at home, watch black-and-white movies, and order take outs. Carrie misses the fun, the excitement, the chase she’s used to, being the outgoing party girl she is. Her friends also struggle with their own respective lives; Miranda is forced to work with a new boss who can’t handle girl power, Charlotte strives to the ups and downs of motherhood, and still Samantha—the bold, daring, funny sex addict who’s dealing with menopause. In this instalment of the Sex and the City franchise, the girls travelled to Abu Dhabi courtesy of an all-expense paid trip by Samantha’s supposed new client. And together with their outrageous fabulousness and allure of their characters, Abu Dhabi is caught off guard.

First and foremost, I will admit that Sex and the City 2 is by all means a movie for the fans. I’ve been reading a lot of bad reviews about the movie and I feel that many who watched the film was missing something--the idea that life even in a fictitious world of a movie must embrace change. Yes we’ve come to love Carrie and the girls because of the fabulous lives they depicted on the series but some failed to realize that they were on their 30s that time and, now, they’re already at their 40s, Samantha is even fiftyfuckintwo years old already. So literally, the bar hopping, on the go single gals we’ve come to love will never be present in the movie. The thing with Sex and the City 2 is that people failed to realize that this was the next stage, the more mature phase of Carrie’s life. We’ve been with her through it all, from Mr. Big to Aidan to Berger, to Alexander Petrovsky, to all the other guys she’s dated over the years. We’ve listened and related to her realizations and thoughts about love and relationship. Now, aren’t we curious how Carrie is as a wife?

In my opinion, Sex and the City 2’s main problem was not the plot or the storyline to which it’s headed. Although I have to admit that some scenes from the first half of the movie was somewhat dragging but I realized that that’s precisely the point. The movie started out boring and a bit tedious because the producer/director wanted to set this tone. He wanted to create an atmosphere that will make the audience feel the lack of sparkle Carrie was feeling in their marriage. But you see the second half of the movie was spiced with excitement; the chasing feeling we’re used to when we talk about Sex and the City. The downside of this whole film was not being able to communicate at first hand even before the film premiered that this time around, it’s no longer the fun, easy going gal, it’s now the WOMAN that Carrie Bradshaw is, whom you’ll get to watch on the big screen.

My anticipation for this sequel is inexplicable and after watching it last Wednesday, I have to say it’s worth the wait. I love it and I’m not in any way disappointed. It made me laugh at times and most importantly it made me feel the struggles of each and every character. I will never be a mother but somehow I felt Charlotte’s woes. I will never experience menopause but I felt Samantha’s difficulties. And I guess that’s the most important thing for a movie, for it to be able to communicate and make its audience relate. It’s so genius of Michael Patrick King to come up with a storyline like that for a sequel like this. It’s hard to show the maturity of every character and how far the girls have become especially for a series and characters as famous as Sex and the City but he was able to deliver that brilliantly.

Sex and the City and fashion go hand-in-hand and this instalment didn’t disappoint as well. Glamorous outfits, fabulous gowns, over the top accessories, magnificent shoes were all a sight to behold. The script was great-- perfectly intertwined with enough melodrama and hilariousness Sex and the City has been known for. Acting by all four main actresses was superb. Sarah Jessica Parker was still lovable and outstandingly great as Carrie Bradshaw. Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis were still both believable as Miranda and Charlotte. It’s remarkable how much these actresses have given life to the personalities of these four unique individuals. And I have to agree with my best friend, Korina that Sarah Jessica Parker may get top billing but Sex and the City 2 is a Kim Catrall movie. This is Samantha at her very best! Kim didn’t just give life to the character of Samantha, she was able to redefine what bold and daring truly means. Let’s face it, almost 80% of Sex and the City’s humour that made it such a phenomenon came from Samantha and Kim Catrall gave justice to every inch of Samantha’s character.

It’s been twelve years since the series’ pilot and till now, Sex and the City is still a part of many individual’s life. The essence of friendship that was depicted by Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda is the real epitome of what friendship is all about. Good and bad reviews of this film will surface but one thing is for sure, Sex and the City was able to affect millions of lives all over the world and it will continue to do so for the story and message of Sex and the City is timeless! It will never go out of style. It’s a classic everyone can relate to. Finally, what is so remarkable about Sex and the City is that its story is transcending. From looking for love to fighting for love, Sex and the City 2 tell us that after chasing love and finally settling down, the challenge is how to keep the romance alive.

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