Babe, I Love You


Before writing this review, I promised myself not to be too technical about it. Just go with the flow and say my piece; setting the mood to a more relaxed movie goer sharing his thoughts rather than a critic who objectively scrutinizes every single detail of the movie.

I had to pass on watching the movie on its opening day which happens to be a Black Saturday for it was one hell of a busy day at our house that day. Yesterday, after our appointment with our ophthalmologist at Medical City, my mom, my sister, and I went and ate lunch at Jatujak and headed to Robinson’s Galleria to watch “Babe, I Love You”.

To be honest, I didn’t expect much from the movie. I wasn’t very excited about it but don’t get me wrong because I love Anne Curtis. I’m a fan of Sam Milby. And I applaud their love team. I saw the full trailer a few weeks ago and to me it lacks the WOW factor that fuels your anticipation. Having said this, I want to clear the air and say that the movie is very much enjoyable and is a good choice if you want to be entertained.

Just like any other rom-coms, the main plot and storyline of this movie is something that we’ve already seen a couple of times in the past. As a big fan of this genre, I’m already expecting a larger than life storyline, at times corny dialogues, and over the top embellishment of coincidences. Though I know that this may sound unfair to this genre I love so much, it’s also saying accurately what rom-coms have turned out to be. After all, what else can you do in a teeny bopper movie like this?! Most of the time in rom-coms, the defining moment is the script and the director’s take on a very cliché and overrated plot. Gladly for “Babe, I Love You”, it didn’t disappoint.

Anne Curtis’ acting is highlighted a lot in this movie. It’s such a joy to see how much maturity as an actress she’s gained over the years. This is one genre that I think Anne is very very fit on doing for the next 5 to 10 years in showbiz. Sam Milby on the other hand is turning to be one of the brilliant actors of his generation. In my own personal opinion, his acting is more authentic and excellent in this movie than in last year’s “And I Love You So” opposite Bea Alonzo. His facial expressions and delivery now is more sincere and you can really see his depth as an actor. And oh my golly as in SAM IS SO HOT!!! YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY. I'm crazy in love with him! The undeniable chemistry of this two is the big come on of this movie. It creates a very natural feel. The magic of Sam and Anne’s chemistry makes you feel as if you’re not watching a movie. I never once felt that anything is pilit. Acting and dialogues are just ample and stayed close to real human emotions. I love love love all the quotable quotes! Star Cinema is really the best when it comes to quotable quotes. Praise and compliments to the writers.

Nothing is superb in the story and it’s neither one of the best rom-com you’ll ever see but it’s a story that a lot of people can relate to. I think that’s the major reason why it’s such a box-office success. Though it’s not a movie you’ll remember and will turn in to be one of those classics, you’ll leave the cinema feeling content and not asking for your money back. The movie’s main goal is to make you feel kilig and make you fall in love again. And this movie is successful in creating that effect on you. This is the kind of rom-com that will have you cringe in your sit and smile cause of so much kilig.

“Babe, I Love You”, is mediocre to a John Lloyd-Bea movie but it’s a sure thing very nice movie. It’ll make you realize a lot of things about love and relationships. It’ll make you smile just by staring in the screen and going with the flow of the storyline. It’s enjoyable and humorous. And without trying to be, it’ll make you fall in love again because of the very honest and believable kind of love it portrays not to mention the sincerity of Sam and Anne’s chemistry.

I can say that this movie is worth watching for because it’s good that sometimes, a movie like this comes our way to awaken the fire and remind us that we should never falter on love. It is a reminder that we should never give up on true love because at this day and age, it still is real and possible. Elusive to many of us but will certainly find us in the least of time we expect.

I enjoyed this movie a lot because balancing out the kilig moments are life realities and ideas of love and relationships that will make you think. After watching I realized that indeed, sometimes, it is our differences that make relationships more exciting. This movie is a testament that LOVE always goes beyond differences whether be it in beliefs, social class, family background, education, etc. The true measure of a relationship lies on how we compromise to make things work out. And ultimately, this movie is proof that love above everything else is all about accepting and fighting for the one you love for all that he is and all that he’s not. LOVE...WITH ALL ITS IMPERFECTIONS AND MADNESS, IS STILL THE GREATEST THING THIS LIFE CAN EVER GIVE.

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