Miss You Like Crazy


“Time is meaningless when you are in love.”

I’ve seen “One More Chance” a thousand times before and I’m a self-confessed fan of the John Lloyd-Bea love team so it’s impossible for me to miss this movie. Weeks before February 24 I’ve already freed my schedule and swore that I’ll drop everything on that day just so I can watch this reunion movie on its first day. I have to say that I have high expectations for this movie and I can’t help but compare it with “One More Chance” for that movie had so much of an impact not only to me personally but to many others as well. And so allow me now to indulge on my thoughts and say my piece about this movie.

Two strangers with extremely opposite characters were constantly being brought together by fate through stones, Mia Samonte (Bea Alonzo) have intentionally left behind whenever she feels like expressing her feelings. These stones bearing loaded statements of deep human emotions caught the attention of a serious, unhappy young man, Alan Alvarez (John Lloyd Cruz); whose inner emotions relates to the statements written in the stones. They seem perfect for each other but because of choice, they had to go on separate ways. So can genuine love bring them back together?

It’s perfect that this material was given to John Lloyd and Bea. I think that among the stars of our generation, they’re the only ones who can give justice to the roles of Alan and Mia. This movie is a sure blockbuster hit because like “One More Chance”, the story hits home, many can relate to it. Just like many of Star Cinema’s previous offerings, “Miss You Like Crazy” has a very reach story where real and genuine human emotions can be drawn to. I have to commend Director Cathy Garcia-Molina for yet another genius take on a love story that’s mature, nakakakilig without trying to be, and most importantly a love story that shows another side of love. Its side where love takes its own course and perfect timing, complete with all the whirlwind of joys and pains it brings. Once again, scriptwriter Vanessa Valdez was able to deliver a script that’s truthful with close to perfect authentic human emotions. Lines were never exaggerated nor pushed. The balance of drama, humor, and kilig in this movie is impeccable. Everything is just so natural that you’d forget you’re in fact watching a movie. The execution of a story that’s close to every moviegoer’s heart is praiseworthy.

Acting is superb! I will never tire in saying that John Lloyd Cruz is the best actor in his generation. Piolo is also good but trust me when it comes to acting, JOHN LLOYD CRUZ is the KING! He’s just brilliant. What I love about him is that you’d forget he’s just playing a role. When he takes on a role and act, you’ll totally forget John Lloyd Cruz, the actor playing the role for when he gives life to a role, he definitely owns it. Bea Alonzo has really matured acting wise ever since her “And I Love You So” blockbuster hit last year. She acts so well that sometimes just by her facial expression you can already feel the depth of the pain she’s going through. She really deserves an acting award real soon. And what can I say to the unwavering and very powerful chemistry that these two have?! MAGICAL! MAGNIFICENT! I’m just in awe of how natural, sincere, and unpretentious their chemistry is. It’s a chemistry perfectly formulated by heaven. It’s just the best of chemistry I’ve seen in Philippine Cinema in this generation.

Though I may seem to praise the movie with its entirety, I also want to point out three major problems this movie have. First is the use of the element of time. It’s the most important tool of this movie but unfortunately, it failed to give justice to this one. At some point the movie feels a little bit rushed and you won’t feel that 2 years have already passed? When the anticipation and excitement died down, you’ll notice yourself asking, “What? Really? 2 years have already passed?”, “Wow! Really? This scene is supposed to be 5 years after?!” There’s this kulang factor towards the end of the film mainly because the element of time wasn’t executed properly. Secondly, I just hate the film’s ending because to me it appears very much an obligatory ending because Filipino moviegoers always want a happy ending. Though I understand Star Cinema’s thinking business, I just personally would rather see a different ending, something more believable, fresh, and realistic. Finally, one of the differences this movie has compared to “One More Chance” is that “Miss You Like Crazy” is full of predictable scenarios. Yes, it’s a love story and usually love stories tend to be predictable because after all, its plot is just one universal field that is love but with this movie, I don’t think Direk Cathy Garcia-Molina was careful enough to minimize and control the predictability of her scenes. What’s admirable is that somehow the movie’s predictability was reversed to humor that the full capacity of the movie house were laughing every time a predictable scenario is about to transpire. One particularly foreseeable scene that really grated on my nerves was the scene at a Malaysian park where Alan and Mia first met at Malaysia. The moment Bea stood up, then John Lloyd also stood up, I knew right away that they’ll bump into each other after a few steps. I believe Direk Cathy could’ve done better than that.

Nothing is perfect and it includes this movie. Though it’s not as superb as “One More Chance” was, “Miss You Like Crazy” is still a movie you shouldn’t dare miss. It’s a perfect post-Valentine movie that tells us love is not all about kilig-kilig. There are so many quotable quotes in this movie as well as lessons about love to learn. Among these many lessons that really struck me is the movie’s main message of love’s own timing. Love can be very playful and indeed, it has its own perfect timing that neither anyone of us can ever halt but in the end, TRUE LOVE AND DESTINY WILL ALWAYS PREVAIL. We may hurt and question why sometimes destiny brings us to meet someone who won’t end up with us but in this real world we’re living, really, LOVE IS NOT THE ONLY REASON WHY YOU LEAVE OR STAY.

P.S. Forget about Papa Piolo or Sam Milby or even Derek Ramsay’s 6-pack abs, if it’s JOHN LLOYD CRUZ, fuck who needs an abs?! JOHN LLOYD FOREVER!

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