Wedding Tayo, Wedding Hindi!


A good laugh that’s smart and makes a lot of sense!

This latest Star Cinema offering, Wedding Tayo, Wedding Hindi! is a story of two cousins who are on different crossroads of their lives but together, they lamented the different facets of love, relationships, marriage, and annulment. Precy (Eugene Domingo) has left her husband and two kids and is filing for annulment to nullify her marriage. Belay (Toni Gonzaga) is a japayuki who returns to Manila to marry her childhood friend, Oca, who proposed to her three years ago before she left for Japan. As their personal lives are on totally opposing sides of the spectrum, the two try to convince each other of their different views about love in a hope to salvage each other from a life of misery.

There is nothing remarkably new in this movie. Same plot, same predictability, but what sets this apart and makes it a must watch movie is the genius of Director Jose Javier Reyes who also wrote the screenplay. Like all his other masterpieces this movie showcased a very witty yet insightful script. This is what I love most about Joey Reyes’ movies, the script alone is a spectacle to behold.There is always an attempt to be real and genuine with the emotions and the choice of words. It’s always good to watch characters on the big screen say things as it is, as any normal human being in a dialogue would do. This treatment on a material that’s already so predictable and a plot that’s nothing but ordinary really makes movies like this entertaining and enjoyable.

Yet, the greatest downside of this movie is the very evident poor editing and almost rushed scenes perhaps to meet a scheduled play date. I understand that it’s mainstream comedy yet everyone who knows me know that I hate endings where all the characters just magically get all their happy endings. So cliche! Up to the last 10 minutes of the movie I really thought it will have a big twist at the end just so the movie won’t be typecast. But too bad, of course producers need their money back so just give the ending that majority of the Filipino viewing public would want. Thankfully, the brilliance of Joey Reyes made it bearable by finishing up every subplots and plotlines neatly concluded.

Much to this movies’ delight, the quick-witted script by Direk Joey Reyes is complemented with superb acting from two of the country’s best female comediennes of today. Eugene Domingo I believe is already a legend when comedy is concerned. She is theatre trained and undeniably an actress in her own right. She knows what she’s doing and she’s always on target, whether it be comedy or drama.You can always see the authenticity of her acting. In terms of spontaneity, Toni Gonzaga is a pro. This is her forte--street wise comedy is what she does best. She is a revelation in this movie. Her brand of comedy is just so natural. Just imagine how real and genuine the dialogues of these two when they share the same scene, it’s so believable. It’s almost not acting at all. Their spontaneous exchanges of dialogues are always a laugh fest spectacular. Zanjoe Marudo gave an equally outstanding performance and is really a good actor who’s just waiting for the biggest break of her career. Zanjoe can really act.

This movie is not something I will say superb in all aspect. Yes, it’s hilarious and makes a lot of good points to ponder on, yet it’s not the kind of story or movie for that matter that you’ll remember or will be a classic as the years pass by. It could have been so much more what with a very rich story backbone but it just didn’t exhaust its potential. What’s really admirable about this movie is that it gives what the audience wants…fun and entertainment but with a sense. Yes, I do recommend this movie if you want to laugh and be entertained because in all fairness this movie delivers and you won’t be disappointed. Its type of comedy is really smart and rightfully works. It also instils in its viewers that at the end of the day, after everything that’s been said and done it all boils down to the question of whether you still love the person you’re with or not anymore. As simple as that. 


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