How Do You Know


A sappy romantic comedy bordering to silly, “How Do You Know” is a big disappointment in many levels I could think of.

A story of triangular romance between Lisa (Witherspoon) an ace softball player who was dropped from the team after passing 30 years old, Matty (Wilson), her playboy-baseball pitcher boyfriend, and George (Rudd), a very nice gentleman executive who is the subject of a Federal investigation for allegedly falsifying corporate incomes. Not knowing that his father and boss (Nicholson), and his dirty ways in business was what put him in that exact predicament. As Lisa go through this difficult patch in her life, she finds herself assessing not only her life but more so her beliefs about love.

I can’t begin to point out where this movie went wrong. Whether it’s in the lame script, or in the humor that’s really just a mockery of what comedy is, or in the lack of contagious, euphoric joy of romance, one thing is certain---the movie failed big time in delivering what it’s supposed to give. 90% of the movie was a dull narrative moviegoers just can’t seem to relate to. The story was okay and could have been such a good love story but the execution failed big time in making a cliché feel captivating or even hold your thoughts for a good five minutes. There was so much talking and little action. It appears to be saying a lot of things and trying hard to be something great that unfortunately in the end it wasn’t able to give what particular message it’s trying to convey. The main problem of this movie was its tediousness in every sense of the word and ultimately the lack of any tension in the plot.

It could have been a great movie with its stellar all-star cast but it’s far from anything but crap, to be honest, their acting geniuses were thrashed in this movie. I don’t like Reese Witherspoon here. There was nothing impressive with her performance in this movie. It actually just highlighted her weaknesses as an actress. Owen Wilson is fine---funny fine…he at least gave justice to his role. Jack Nicholson as always is just okay. PAUL RUDD IS LOVABLE AND VERY VERY GORGEOUS IN THIS MOVIE. His acting was not superbly great but good. I love his line deliveries!

This movie is another “could have been” in Hollywood history. It looks very very promising on the outside but with all honesty, this is a movie you should have judged from the poster. I won’t say it’s a complete waste of time but I will distinctly say that it’s unremarkable and not worth it.

P.S. One of the stars is just for the gorgeousness of Paul Rudd in the film otherwise it would have been just 1 star.

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