Twisted with KFC Twisters: The Fish Twister

As a regard to my promise to taste all the KFC Twister, I had the new Fish Twister this afternoon for lunch. Though I love the palatable taste of the sweetness and sourness of cucumber being enhanced by the creamy flavour of cheese, this is my least favorite of all the KFC Twisters. Fourth in the series of eight flavors they’re going to release, this Fish Twister lacks the wow factor that’ll make my tongue come back for more. There’s nothing new about it and seriously just tastes like the California Maki Twister the only difference is that it is fish and not KFC’s signature crispy chicken fillet. And as everybody knows, I’m more into chicken than to fish so obviously I’d go for the California Maki flavor than this one. Hehe. Although I must say, KFC’s fish fillet is good enough with just the right crispiness and ample thickness of fish inside the crispy starch coating. I honestly didn’t expect that they’ll be including a Fish Twister in the series and this is becoming ridiculous because OC me is really flipping my mind wondering what the next flavors will be. I’m in a guessing game! Hahahaha.

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