Music and Lyrics

4/5 stars

"Music and Lyrics" was also good. Drew Barrymore was in her usual wit and she was really fabulous in this movie. Hugh Grant...uhm.. I never thought that he knew how to sing but he's good. His voice is really favorable and it's more nakaka in love than Ewan McGregor's. Though the movie was predictable, I can say that the dialogues were great and it helped a lot in moving forward the story. Drew and Hugh's chemistry was fantastic. It's the one that could defeat the Grant-Roberts in Notting Hill and even the Grant-Bullock chemistry in Two Weeks Noticed. I love the songs used in this film. Actually, I have downloaded "Pop Goes My Heart" and of course, "Way Back In To Love". These two songs were part of the most played playlist in my iPod. Over all, the movie was great and it's worth every penny.

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