You Got Me


"You Got Me" is my favorite. You may say that the movie is jologs or whatever but I don't give a damn! It's so good kaya... Aside from the fact that the movie is really nakakakilig, there were also scenes that I wanted to cry because I was so carried away. I love the movie's ending! It was really nakakakilig and for me it's very unique taking into consideration that I have seen almost all the romantic-comedy movies in town. For a new comer, Zanjoe Marudo gave a superb performance. He proved to everyone that he's not just a model-trying hard to be an actor but indeed an actor in his own right. I don't really like Sam Milby ever since but this movie made me like him. Yes he's very cute! VERY VERY CUTE and he's a good actor. His acting is very natural. Toni Gonzaga was fabulous in this movie. After watching the film this afternoon, I am now Toni's number one fan! She's really good in comedy as well as in drama. She deserves applause for her performance in this movie even though it's a feel good one. It's very natural, it's as if she wasn't acting at all. It just proves to show that she's a good actress and she was able to own her character as Mo. Star Cinema's really great! They have never failed my expectations when it comes to producing world class films. You Got Me was a perfect example of a SHOW DON'T TELL movie. It's definitely one of the year's must see films. I highly recommend it!

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