Dave...these past few weeks...

The past two weeks after Valentine's Day were two of the busiest weeks of my life. I don't know how I was able to manage but I did. For two weeks, I never had at least five hours of sleep. I recharge for only one and a half to two hours daily because of reading assignments, midterm exams, reaction papers and other school works. We are now in our 9th week. Five more weeks and the term will be over. I can't wait for that day!

Anyway, there are a lot of things I wanted to share in the past few weeks but I don't have the luxury of time to do so because of my very lovable and very considerate schedule. I felt that I needed to share this things already before I even forget them.

I made a promise to myself this New Year that I will try my best to watch the movies I want in cinemas during their theatrical showing. With all fainess to me, I am really making extra efforts to keep up to that promise. As of now, I haven't missed any movie that I want to watch. I have seen "The Holiday", "Music and Lyrics" and "You Got Me". Two weeks from now, I'm going to watch "Dreamgirls" naman..

other things in my life right now:

- Aside from Grey's Anatomy, I am also addicted to Gonut Donut's Yummy Vanilla and Oishi's Potato Crisps.

- I have realized that I want to read J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series again. I stopped in book 2 (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets) kasi in 2004. I don't know I got bored eh.. But this afternoon, I went to the movie house to watch "You Got Me" and before the movie, they showed the trailer of the new Harry Potter movie and once again it awakened my senses to continue reading the series. Since my passion to finish it was stirred, I'm going to read it na uli... FYI: I haven't seen any of the four Harry Potter movies because I was always telling myself that I want to finish reading the book versions first before watching.

- I want to buy a book! I just don't know what book I want. I have three choices right now, "Goddess: Inside Madonna" by Barbara Victor, "Memories of My Melancholy Whores" by Gabriel Garcia Marquez or "Orosa-Nakpil Malate" by:Louie Mar A. Gangcuangco (it's really good daw..) Ahhh!! I'm so confused!

- I feel so bad that the new issue of the Kris Aquino Magazine is still on hold because of what's happening to Kris right now. I am honestly disgusting James Yap na... I wish Kris didn't marry him nalang... Honestly, I really think that Kris doesn't love James the way she loved Joey Marquez! basta i HOPE maging ok na si kris. ay! mali! ayaw pala niya yang word na yan... hahahaha!!! can I just say na ang pangit ni hope ha... yucky siya ha...

- ok! fine! i'll admit it na talaga... I am still madly in love with GAVIN! with all my heart and soul... he's still the one talaga!!!

Finally, I gotta go na... it's 3am.. I still have a thick handout that I have to finish reading by tomorrow for my oral exam in philosophy of religion on Monday and I gotta decide what book I'm gonna buy.

till next time!

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