Ang Cute Ng Ina Mo


I am not a fan of comedy flicks. This is because I find a lot of comedy movies very very corny especially here in the Philippines where jokes are very cliches, dialogues and plots which are supposed to be funny, aren't really comedic at all. Another thing I hate about the Philippine comedy cinema are the comedians who thinks they are funny when in fact they suck!

A few weeks ago when ABS-CBN started showing the trailer of this movie, I really told myself that I'm going to watch this movie. For one, I have always admired AiAi Delas Alas, as a matter of fact she's my favorite comedy actress. I can still remember how I laughed my lungs out when I watched "Ang Tanging Ina" four years ago. Another reason why I will watch the movie is because of Eugene Domingo and John Lapuz. These two comedians are the best! They're my favorites ever since and they can really make me laugh with their brand new line of comedy everytime. I also love these two commedians because they're very natural, it's as if they're not acting at all. With a powerhouse cast that will surely make me laugh, "Ang Cute ng Ina Mo" must be really great.

Last Easter Sunday, I spent my afternoon watching this movie with my sister and my mom. We watched at Robinsons Galleria and whoa!!! the movie house was so full. If I'm not mistaken even the first row from the big screen was occupied.
The movie didn't disappoint me. It presented comedy at its best. The first three minutes of the movie made me laugh already so imagine having to seat at the movie house for almost an hour and forty-five minutes, I felt like I don't have courage to stand up and walk the aisle of the cinema out because I really laughed so loud. My goodness!
There were fresh jokes and I admire the script writers for that. I love how the director, Wenn Deramas, presented old, cliche comedic scenes in such a way that it appeared as though it was new. The dialogues were just as perfect. The cast were fabulous. AiAi and Eugene's exchange of dialogues brought the movie house down. Their dialogues and comedic confrontation scenes were the most humorous scenes I have ever seen in my entire life.
I highly recommend this movie because it's worth it. It will make your tears roll down because of laughter and it's 100% not corny!

P.S. Two of my favorite scenes was when AiAi was supposed to be leaving for Australia already but she was trapped in a coup d' etat and upon reaching the airport she finds out that she can't leave because her passport was full of gun shots. The second one was when Eugene called AiAi's ex husband and before she can even say a word, AiAi pointed a knife to her neck to prevent her from saying anything (their dialogue and acting in this particular scene made everyone go crazy).

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