Queer Me! :)

Today, I woke up early than my usual wake up time. I woke up 10:20 am. ten minutes before SIS started. The live episode is a tribute to Regine. She is celebrating her 20th year in the show biz industry this year. It feels great to be able to eat a fine and ‘normal’ breakfast (I did so while watching.). It is very unusual of me to eat breakfast because my normal day starts at 2 or even worst 3 pm. So I usually eat breakfast and lunch together in one meal.

I barely had 5 hours of sleep so I still feel a little dizzy right now. The caffeine from the coffee I drunk awhile ago is slowly vanishing and I can already feel the lack of sleep I had last night.

After SIS, I took a bath and started downloading songs to update my mp3 and also to prepare it for the start of classes on Monday. Some of the songs I downloaded were:

Hero – Enrique Eglesias
Anyone Can See – Irene Cara
Ain’t Nothing Gonna Me Away From You - Teri De Serio
If All We Gonna Do Is Dance – Hott City
Buttercup – Torch
(I already have the 70s version of this song but I don’t really like the soulful version of the Temptations. I have always opted for the 80s version but I can’t find it. It was through the newspaper clipping that one of my best friends (Reese) gave me. The newspaper article was about Chiz Escudero and he happens to be a fan of the 80s music; which is why the song was mentioned in the article.)

I am trying my best to rest my voice while it’s still term break because for sure on Monday, I’ll talk to death again. I have longed been convinced that I was born to talk. I love talking that’s why my throat is always swollen; this also the reason why I am allergic to chocolate because seriously, my throat is very sensitive. I am under medications right now because of my throat problem. I was given some steroids and I hope it’ll be ok sometime soon.

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