My O Addiction!!!

today, i felt a little sad because it's the last day of my term break. and on monday, i'm going to be back in school (i'm excited naman... in a way...).

i watched the oprah winfrey show in star world today. i hate the fact that star world doesn't replay it in primetime. i hope they'll be considerate enough for people like me who can't watch it during the morning and afternoon replays. obviously because of my classes. i'm not contented with the oprah primetime during sundays, i wanna catch it everyday. i am super addicted to oprah these past few days. i have always look up to this lady and admire her works. I love visiting her website and reading stuffs about life. i admire the way she interviews. oprah is really the queen of talk. she lives up to her title. i love her!

i love watching talk shows! for me they're a form of relaxation. (how weird!) :) aside from the oprah winfrey show (which is my favorite), i also watch ellen: the ellen degeneres show, maury, and the jerry springer show all in etc's 2nd avenue. actually, the jerry springer show is not really a talk show, it's a nonsense crap but i enjoy watching and listening to his guests; makes me laugh all the time. i also love boy abunda's private conversations in anc and i miss kris aquino in this kind of show. her shows nowadays are almost all gameshows i just hope that someday she'll go back to her roots.

my ultimate dream is to be a talk show host. i wanna have my own talk show in the future! WISH! WISH! WISH!

tomorrow's gonna be a busy day for me as i wrap-up this term break. gotta fix a couple of things and i still need to update my mp3 player. :)

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