The Insomniac

I have been like this ever since I was in High school and I know it's bad for my physical well-being. but what can I do? i really can't sleep at night. I only feel the sleep as it slowly overtakes when it's 3,4 am... oh well!!!

i was supposed to watch 'My Best friend's Wedding' this evening or continue reading 'The Notebook'but unfortunately I wasn't able to do either of the two. i spent the whole evening online. updating my blogs and checking on my online accounts. i'll probably accomplish this things tomorrow.

i need to wake up early tomorrow because Regine will be in SIS and i don't wanna miss it.

i know for a fact that my mom will freak out again if she finds out i didn't slept all night!

i'm having fun! i know i am!

i gotta sleep now. it's 4am. and i'm a bit sleepy...

my sister told me it's exactly 108 days before Christmas today. Am i excited for Christmas? I don't know. I just hope... NO! CERTAINLY I KNOW that I'm going to have a merry christmas. I know!

3 days to go before 2nd term starts I'm going to be back in the circulation! Hahaha!!!

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