My Latest Reads!

Here are two of my latest reads this month. The cover of the books I've used in this entry are my own. I personally scanned them cause in my opinion they are very gorgeous!

Veronika Decides To Die
by Paulo Coelho

I read this book for just two nights! It's very enthralling! I've always found Paulo Coelho books as a one-sitting-read; and this particular book is not an exeption. This is about a 24 year old girl who took sleeping pills to end her routine but very promising life. She felt like there is nothing special about this life for her to still continue living. Eventually, when she grew old, she'll lose her youth and will only be battling with a disease as she comes closer to death. But she failed to end her life and instead woke up in a mental hospital and found herself as a guinea pig of a Doctor who's experimenting on the genuine cause of a person's insanity.

I started reading Coelho books last year when i was so infatuated with this 'lit-guy' and "By The River Piedra I sat Down And Wept" happens to be his favorite book. And so, I read; feeling so kilig thinking about him!
Some of my favorite Paulo Coelho books are: "The Alchemist", "By The River Piedra I Sat Down And Wept", and of course (my favorite book)"Eleven Minutes".

The Notebook
by Nicholas Sparks

I feel so exuberant to be able to have the limited edition cover of this novel. I bought the book 2 years ago at Powerbooks Megamall during the hype of the theatrical showing of the novel's movie adaptation. I always opt for these promotional covers instead of the usuall book covers (paintings and pictures). My copy of "A Walk To Remember" is also donning the movie poster of its adaptation.

Sparks' debut novel, "The Notebook" is the love story to beat! It doesn't have the kilig-kilig factor that other books have but sure it will make you daydream and wish for a similar love story on your diaries.

Noah Colhaun and Allie Nelson's love story is the best. I've read numerous romance books and nothing can compare to this beautifully crafted story. It'll lead every reader to wonder if a love story like the one portrayed in the book is still possible nowadays. Well, never lose hope! I mean it's fiction but I know for a fact that there are still couples today who can still be compared to Noah and Allie.

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