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This was one of the happiest days of my life. I bonded with my parents the whole day. My sister still has classes so she wasn’t able to come with us. A planned shopping escapade alone turned out to be a family affair. Today, I felt so loved! It was a wonderful sensation to once again experience the feeling of being the only child. When your parent’s attention was all yours, your opinion and interests were the most important thing in the world. Maybe, I totally missed the feeling because my mom gave birth to my sister when I was three years old so I never really knew how it feels to be the only child but this afternoon, at nineteen years old, guess I have experienced one of the delightful emotions in the world. It was definitely an unexplainable feeling. My parents proved to me today how much they really love me. I really felt that I was their favorite child (at least for a day)… well, I know for a fact that I am my dad’s favorite but my mom’s “darling” is really my sister. It was a nice view to see the three of us: my dad, my mom, and me; I was actually thinking that probably, people thought that I’m an only child! hehe!!!

Glad, happy, overwhelmed were underrated descriptions of my day. Even I can’t think of the proper word/s to describe my day! All I can say is that I am very thankful to God for all these blessings, for all the love, for all the answered prayers in my life. There’s really no room for me to be a bratty pa! =)

P.S. I bought two new pairs of shoes today! I really love shoes so much!

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