Early Christmas Treats!

Yesterday was an early Christmas treat for me. I was able to get a copy of K Mag’s fourth issue. Actually, I wasn’t expecting for it because last November ABS-CBN Publications said that the next issue of K Mag will be out January 2007. I was surprised when I checked Kris’ YG last Saturday that it was already out. It’s not a secret that I really delight on reading Kris’ Magazine. For whatever reason, I feel so relaxed when reading it and not to forget that I am learning a lot from it because it’s not about “kalandian” and “kaaretehan” lang! K Mag's a wonderful magazine. It's very informative and it perfectly satisfies the curiosity not only of Kris’ avid fans but also the interests of teenagers, young adults, career women, single mothers, and of course members of the third sex who look up to Kris as their icon. As a matter of fact, it’s the number 1 magazine in the Philippines ever since its maiden issue, dethroning Cosmopolitan Magazine. I’m going to read it na before going to bed this morning (I’m an insomiac!)

I got a gift today from one of my godmother. I can’t remember when was the last time I saw her because she and her husband migrated to Canada when I was still a little kid. I’m so touched because she sent me a NIKE rubber shoe and again, it’s not a secret that I love shoes! As in super-duper love!!! Hello??? I invest a lot on my shoes noh because I really don’t buy fake ones especially rubber shoes and sneakers! I can starve myself just so I can save money to buy shoes!!! Anyway, the rubber shoe was so cool! She said she bought it in Florida. =) Love it!!!!

On Wednesday, I’m going to buy another one after my STAT101 final exam. This time…sneakers!

I still don’t know what color but definitely not black!!! I’ll probably buy a new “sporty” jacket too! These two are my Christmas gifts to myself!!! Can’t wait for Wednesday na tuloy!!! Hay!

P.S. I’m so excited about next term!!! As in I bought new stuffs kanina sa bookstore… =)

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