Twisted with KFC Twisters: The Cheesy Bacon Twister

I am a true blue Kentucky Fried Chicken fan and I believe that its one of America’s greatest gifts to mankind. I love fried chicken and theirs my favorite. I can live for two months just eating KFC foods every meal without getting used to it. Back in college, my best friend and I almost ate lunch at KFC Taft Ave.  every day for about a month. I’ve tried all their foods and actually enjoy all of them. The first KFC flavored Twister was launched in late 2009 and when I saw the KFC Twisters ad I promised myself that I will taste all eight of them. First there was the Pizza Twister which by far is my favorite of all three available flavors. The California Maki Twister, second in the series came about last year. It was ok but not totally superb. The new flavour, Cheesy Bacon Twister was made available last week and I just had it for dinner. I’ve always loved the succulent flavor of cheese. To me, it makes every dish or snack for that matter extra tasteful. I loved the flavor of melted cheese in the strips of bacon and crispy chicken fillet in this Twister though I maintain that the Pizza Twister is still my favorite. KFC just really whet my appetite all the time and I am really excited for the other flavors that’ll come out. The anticipation feels like waiting for the next instalment of a popular book series. :)

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