My One Tree Hill Love Affair

I sometimes hate it that I’m a very emotional person. But on the other hand, I also think that it’s a good thing because it makes me more human to be able to feel emotions as they are. I get infatuated so easily. I get attached to something or someone so easily and too much it hurts. I just finished One Tree Hill’s Season 6 in DVD and it made me cry a lot. At 4 a.m. I was crying my hurt out watching the last three episodes of Season 6. Maybe I’m just too emotional this mid-morning or these past few days but it sure felt so great to be able to cry and let loose with my emotions in the confines of my room; alone in the dark while being carried away in a beautiful narrative. One Tree Hill is very close to my heart. Somehow in ways I couldn’t even bring myself to explain, but to try and be objective about it, I love its plot so much because it presented different aspects of friendships, triumphs and failures, and most importantly (my favorite), love and relationships in a very logical manner yet still maintaining its emotional sensitiveness.

I started watching One Tree Hill November of 2008 around two in the morning and I finished five episodes of the first season in one seating. Of course, as expected I was drawn and very much in to Lucas Scott and knowing me, I will eventually be infatuated not to the character that is Lucas but to the actor portraying him, Chad Michael Murray. And it started yet again one of my many foolish not to mention really ridiculous infatuation debacles with another actor. I think I’m going to discuss how bad I am when infatuated in another blog entry. Believe me it’ll be an effort talking about it and definitely a sympathetically weird post.

Anyway, going back to One Tree Hill, I was crying a lot while watching the season finale of the sixth run because it’s Lucas and Peyton’s wedding. I don’t know what is it about weddings that always make me cry. May it be on TV or in real life, they always do. Maybe it’s the overflowing love you see from the bride and groom. Maybe it’s the overwhelming feeling of joy when you see genuine love between two people who were so brave to fight for love and so lucky to have found that magic, that miracle. And here goes the hopeless romantic Dave again, forgive me, please; I’m still overwhelmed with so much emotion right now. But think about it, at the end of the day, yes it is cliché and crap but LOVE is all that matters.

I’ve seen how One Tree Hill’s narrative transcended over the years but most importantly, I felt the emotional maturity and evolution of all the characters and that to me is the basis of a good television series. The season 6 finale more than anything centred on dreams and how we should always believe in our dreams. Hold on to it, never lose hope on it, work your ass off on it because in the end it’s all gonna be worth it!  It just made me realize that whether it is in career or in life or in love, dreams do come true and you need to have faith and believe because this world never runs out of opportunities and surprises. Believe that miracles happen every single day. Believe in your dreams.  Never stop chasing them!

These lines from the Season 6’s finale struck a chord in me and I am so touched that I’d like to share it with everyone:

“Remind yourself to be happy because you deserve that
and believe that dreams come true every day because they do.”

I love love love Season 6 because as shallow as it may sound, this season introduced me to Julian Baker. It has been years since I last felt this cringing and crippling feel inside the deepest corners of my heart while watching an actor. I love the character because Julian Baker personifies my ideal guy in his full accurateness and preciseness; the kind of man I dream of loving and growing old with. Watching him made me realize just how much I really long for a man’s love. And he reminds me a lot of Boy-next-door. But of course, he’s just a TV series character born out of Mark Schawahn’s imagination. I wish a guy like him exists in real life… in the gay world. I can only dream (but hey, didn’t I just say hold on to your dreams?!) hahahahahahaha.

P.S. Of course it follows that I am not only infatuated with the character that is Julian Baker but more so to the actor portraying Julian, the cute boy-next-door, AUSTIN NICHOLS. God my heart stops beating with his every grins and with that expressive, bedroom eyes not to mention that cute, scruffy face. Damn! How I wish I’m Sophia Bush!!!  


  1. Sister! I couldn't agree more! The lessons are really true! Parang the Alchemist lang ni Paulo Coelho kasi dun parang ineencourage ka rin to work for your dreams and believe they will come true. I am starting to be overwhelmed by the opportunities I am receiving recently. Promise, every week, there is, may time na dalawa, may time na tatlo, pero now hindi na ako pumupunta sa mga iba kasi I'm just waiting for the other one na sure na kasi. I just hope they will call me soon para I can start working na rin soon. haha. Pero sister, thank you so much for encouraging me all the time. I can really sense that this is going to be our year. We've experienced how to fail how to sob, how to stand again pero dba yung mga failure naman didn't make us less of a person and it will never measure our self worth. As long as you know yourself and your capabilities mo, hindi ka dapat sumuko. I know it's too early for me to say all of these pero iniisip ko lang all the positive sides ng mga nangyayari. Challenge lang lahat, malalagpasan natin yun.


    sister, i just first would like to thank you for all your help and support with this blog of mine. love love love. :)
    true! how nice di ba?! that's why i thought of sharing this one, i know it'll ring a bell in most of us. it reminds of two valid points, we all deserve to be happy and if we believe, our dreams will really come true. basta i wish the both of us all the best and successes this year sister, may the Lord guide us through. and you're always welcome sister thank you rin for always encouraging me. remember the quote i sent you last monday also from One Tree Hill? ang ganda noh?! winner! makes a lot of sense and very very touching.


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