The Computer Genius Cum Blogging Wizard

What’s up with me and this blog? Slept 10:30 in the morning because I was fixing the links and slideshow for this new template and suddenly it sparked on me that I want to be more active than ever here. I’ve always been like this. I was born with a curious mind. I never want to stop learning new things and I make it a point to learn it myself especially if it’s general knowledge, and about computers and website making. Among the many frustrations in my life is not having a bachelor’s degree in computer because math has always been my weakness. And so here I am just barely 10 minutes after waking up, it’s 5:19 in the afternoon and I’m in front of my laptop again feeling like a computer genius and a blogger wizard rolled into one. I swear I am devoting myself in turning this blog alive and an online haven that will represent my cheerful and perky personality.

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