Love & Other Drugs


Provocatively tasteful, Love & Other Drugs is a heartfelt, inspirational tale of romance and true love in an intimacy-challenged world we live in.

Jamie Randall (Gyllenhaal) is a pharmaceutical sales rep of one of the largest drug company in the world, Pfizer. Suffering from ADD and considered a prodigal son by his over-achieving family, Jamie’s defining characteristics are his confidence, good looks, and impeccable charm with women. Maggie Murdock (Hathaway) is an aspiring artist struggling with stage 1 Parkinson’s disease and have shut herself up for love and a romantic relationship. They met in a very unconventional way and together, they found themselves blending with each other perfectly in bed. But can true love blossom in a relationship founded in lust, made stronger by hot, steamy compatibility in sex, threatened by intimacy issues, and a progressive disease?

One of the many things very remarkable about this movie and sets it apart from other sex-dramedy is its portrayal of a no strings attached-FuBu relationship in a classy, artistic way. You would never at any point while watching the movie feel as if you’re treated to a 2-hour sexfest, soft-porn flick. I mean don’t get me wrong because it’s a delight to see Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway naked in hot sexy scenes but when you go see a movie it is ultimately the story that matters the most, and thankfully, this movie didn’t disappoint.

Love & Other Drugs is a timely movie that tackles a relationship that’s so prevalent these days and is actually what most generations Y and Z prefers. The thrill and consequences of a FuBu relationship shaped by more serious tones of an incurable disease and commitment issues woven into a sharply written script provides the depth of the movie. Though it tried so hard to incorporate a lot of sub-plots, some dramatic scenes lacks the touching feel that’ll move you to tears and some comedic lines doesn’t deliver to launch collective laughter, I maintain that the movie has a very strong plot and a script that makes a lot of sense.

Gyllenhaal and Hathaway both gave authentic and noteworthy performances here. The success of this movie above all takes its credit to the awesome, genuinely inexplicable chemistry of Brokeback Mountain partners, Gyllenhaal and Hathaway. They complement each other very well acting-wise as well as looks-wise. Anne Hathaway has always been a very dependable actress. She’s one of the few young Hollywood actresses whose versatility is unquestionable. Jake Gyllenhaal is captivating in this movie. To say he is perfect for the role is an understatement. Jake is suited for this genre because not only can he convey romance in a very natural way, he is also oozing with sex appeal and an angelic face that will undoubtedly tickle pink every girls and gays in the land.

It’s also dumb to not point out how wonderful the musical scoring and how excellently beautiful the song choices were.

Love & Other Drugs veered away from those averages, petty romance movies we’re all sick and tired about. It presented a fresh narrative about a no strings attached relationship founded on lust and sex but keen to a possibility of a happy ever after ending. Watching a movie like Love & Other Drugs will again make you wonder of love’s unpredictability and inexplicable mysteriousness. It is an old age belief that love blooms in the most unexpected and unconventional places, timings, and ways but one thing is for sure…TRUE LOVE happens! Maybe not the way you expect it to be but it does. And when it finally captures you, it’s not even comprehensible why or what made you love the person for all the he is. You just know and feel it deep inside. It’s certainly magic that of all the millions of people in this planet, one such ordinary human being touches your heart and you’re never the same again. That all of a sudden, unconsciously, he/she let your guards down and all your unresolved issues fade away; by leap of faith, you’re sure as heaven and hell that you can give up anything and everything just to be with him for the rest of your existence.

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