Sex and the City


Fantastic, fabulous and never out of style, Sex and the City is undeniably the greatest movie event of 2008.

I am big fan of the series. I have all 6 seasons in DVD and I’ve seen every single episodes of it. I am also proud to say that among my favorite US TV series, Sex and the City has had the most impact in my life especially on the way I think about friendship, relationships and ultimately, love. Last year when the buzz that a movie is finally in the works, I said to myself, come what may, I gotta watch this movie on its first day…and so I did.

Four years since we last saw the girls at the series’ finale episode, “An American Girl in Paris: Part Deux,” the movie picks up three years after this and showed how the lives of the four fabulous characters we’ve come to love are all doing now.

Director and writer Michael Patrick King is a true genius for he was able to give a good take on the movie adaptation that it didn’t appear as if it’s nothing but an expanded episode on TV. He should also be credited enough for the wonderful script of this movie. Though still filled with ample humor that’s a trademark of the series, the movie has a more emotional take on the lives of the four girls. The flawless and poignant dialogues depicted how each of the four girls has matured.

Sarah Jessica Parker was as expected fabulous in this movie. Of course, Kim Cattrall is wonderful! It’s a feeling of great joy to see these four girls reprise their characters in the hit TV series into the movie. Four years after the series concluded, I still believe that they’re all perfect for their roles. Fashion wise, no questions asked, they’re all fabulous and perfect!

The 2hrs 30mins running time is worth the wait in every aspect of the word. It’ll definitely satisfy millions of Sex and the City fans all over the world who are all waiting for this movie year after year since its series finale in HBO. Whether you are a fan or not, you can’t afford to miss this movie, for it’s not only a movie…it’s history.

After watching the film, I txted my bestfriend right away and told her that you should forget you were ever born into this world if you’ll miss this movie. That’s how good Sex and the City is. Without any bias whatsoever, I believe that Sex and the City’s story is timeless and will forever linger generations after generations for it tells a story of what a genuine and unconditional friendship should be. More so, it gives us the hope that after all the ups and downs, all the joys and pains that you’ll have to go through in finding your perfect match, Sex and the City is a validation that all of us will indeed find the greatest love of our lives and the happy ending that will surely determine the essence of our existence is waiting for us.

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