What Happens in Vegas

4/5 stars

Hilarious and full of substance, What Happens in Vegas is one of the best romantic comedies of this year. Though there were a few boring scenes as the movie progresses to it's climax, director Tom Vaughan was able to pick it up and surprise the moviegoers with scenes that'll make you laugh and at the same time fall in love. The storyline is different from other movies of this genre in such a way that the narrative itself is a larger than life kind. It's not your typical love story taken from the slice of life, a love story that you know is possible and may have happen at least once in a person's lifetime. The storyline of What Happens in Vegas is the type that you know is not gonna happen in the real world but for the sake of fiction, you give it a try. With all fairness to the movie, I believe it's successful in making impossible scenarios appear as if it will really happen in real life. After all, this is a romantic comedy and improbable scenarios are part of the package.

This movie is filled with humor that'll surely make you laugh from the story itself down to the characters. In my honest opinion, the comedy it offered including the absurdity of the storyline isn't at all corny. It’s endearing and worth a laugh. Likewise, the movie presented sufficient amount of romance to show how love bloomed in the hearts of two individuals with extremely opposing characters. Towards the end of the film, when more of the romantic side is being focused on, the entire scene of the party at the retreat Joy (Diaz) and Jack (Kutcher) attended and the finale scene at the beach with both characters professing their love for each other are very commendable scenes. The perfect balance of humor and romance in this movie deserves applause.

The pairing of Ashton and Cameron is the primary reason why this movie is able to carry out a plot like this. Their natural comedy combined with the undeniable chemistry between the two of them makes this movie a success. They look good together on screen and make a perfect couple.

Ultimately, what I love about this movie is its take on how love is possible and how a relationship can work despite the enormous disparateness of two characters. It tells us that sometimes it is not your similarities that make you fall for a person but it is actually the person’s unlikeness to you that makes you love him/her.

For whatever its worth, this movie is a must-see. It’s entertaining, engaging, and a perfect movie to give your day a break.

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