When Love Begins

4/5 stars

Together with Joanne and Korina, we were on our way to SM Mall of Asia last November 2007 to watch "One More Chance" when I first heard about this movie. Without second thoughts, I told my two girlfriends that I'm gonna watch this movie come what may. Finally, 5 months after, the movie premiered in theaters nationwide and two days after its regular screening, here's what Dave has to say about "When Love Begins..."

This movie deserves a credit for how genius it handled the unconventional type of relationship the two main characters have. Although undeniably the movie was very formulaic and predictable, I believe Director Jose Javier Reyes was successful in making this movie rise above all other romance flicks by using the elements of realism. "When Love Begins" breaks away from the convention of cheesy, corny, "kill-me-now" lines you'll most likely hear in romance movies. With this movie, you'll feel and see what is really happening in a relationship. Every dialogue was precise and enough to just express the emotions of the characters as well as what the scene is asking for. There was never a scene or dialogue of exaggerating emotions in this film. The only thing I didn't like about it was the immensity of coincidences in the movie. I believe that the concept of destiny in chick flicks are so over used and since the movie was very promising I expected that Director Jose Javier Reyes was able to add a different twist in some scenes particularly the last few scenes when the lead characters got back together. I think it's so coincidental.

The primary reason why I love the plot is because it gives the moviegoers a picture of a relationship taken out of our reality. "When Love Begins" will not give you the feeling of kilig-kilig moments rather it will show you the real complications and struggles a new relationship entails. This is a movie done to show what happens when two different personalities fused together to build a relationship in the midst of other difficulties surrounding them.

At first thought you would think that the pairing of Aga Muhlach and Anne Curtis wouldn't be successful and won't create a spark of chemistry considering their big age gap but with how genius Direk Joey Reyes carried out this mature love story, it did create a fire of chemistry between Aga and Anne. Needless to say that Aga's favorable acting as Ben and Anne's splendid portrayal as Mich is a big factor in creating the heart of a romance flick--chemistry.

When Love Begins is not the kind of movie that'll have you raving about it after the ending credits but it is the kind of movie you wouldn't wanna miss especially if you love romance. Also, I believe this is the perfect movie for couples who are in the early stages of their relationship when they're still getting to know each other and where the adjustment period is still very much felt. This movie is worth your 120 bucks and popcorn to accompany.

PS. What can I say?! Anne is so fabulous in this movie. And to Moi and Jarvis, guys, you should watch this.

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