27 Dresses

4/5 stars

I didn’t have second thoughts on watching this movie on its opening day. From its trailer I have seen a week ago, I can tell that this chick flick is quite good. Gladly for ’27 Dresses’, it didn’t disappoint me.

Though undeniably the movie’s plot was predictable and most of the scenes followed the conventional formula of a chick flick, what was so remarkable about the film was its story. It’s so cute and realistic and has managed to stay away from fantasies which most romantic-comedies have. The clichés and coincidences in the movie were all bearable. Another thing that’s nice about this movie was that even though you think you’ve seen this particular scene or character in another film, Director Anne Fletcher have made it look fresh and new again as if it’s the only option and if you’re gonna change it, you’ll just ruin the entire film.

The chemistry of the two lead actors was unbelievable. They act so genuine that you’ll really be carried away and will leave you feeling super kilig.

My top 5 favorite kilig moments were:
1. when Kevin was saying sorry about the article then handed Jane an electronic planner
2. scene where they were on a bar and singing their favorite song
3. the part where Kevin told Jane what’s his favorite part of a wedding
4. when Jane was walking down the aisle (I love James Marsden’s eyes)
5. OF COURSE! the scene where Jane was telling Kevin how she feels for him at the boat wedding

I just love Katherine Heigl so much! I love her as Izzie and I even loved her as Jane. I’m a fan of unrequited love for obvious reasons and she was very effective in portraying this role especially the scenes where she was holding back with the love she feels for George, scenes where she’s about to cry because of the pain of a repressed love but she can’t so she holds back her tears and just smile away. She’s a very good actress!

‘27 Dresses’ is not another chick flick to be bored with. It’s funny, romantic and very very touching. It’s worth the 120 bucks!

PS. James Marsden is gorgeous!

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