The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor


Everyone who knows me know that I don’t like adventure movies. I don’t enjoy action films as well as sci-fi ones. It is now ironic why I watched this movie. I wasn’t able to watch the first two mummy movie that’s why I have no point of comparison or whatever if this one is better than the other two.

For a chick flick and drama fan like me, I can say that the third installment of the mummy movies was a so-so worth watching film even though the actors’ acting was all forgettable. Brendan Fraser sucked big time in this film. The script was a total crap and its story sequencing was below mediocrity. The only thing worth commending in this movie was its use of special effects. I also liked the fact that since the movies’ plot deals with the dragon emperor, the director made use of some elements from the rich Chinese culture which saved it from being a nonsense adventure chow chow. I just wished that the director, Rob Cohen incorporated more of the popular Chinese skill of martial arts in this movie, maybe then, I can say that the movie is 100% worth spending for. Be that as it may, there are a lot of other movies in theaters right now so spend your money wisely. Just watch and kill time with another film.

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