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I love reading books and it usually excites me every time a book I really love will be adapted into a motion picture. But over the years, I have learned to lower my standards for me not to get disappointed when I watch the movie. Most of the time, adaptations of a novel into a major motion picture weren’t so good and very few are successful ones that has the moviegoers asking for more.

There was an enormous hype for Twilight. Why not? The novel from which it’s based is undeniably a bestseller, its soundtrack debut at the top spot when it was released so I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s now number one in the box office. I’ve already anticipated that fans will flock theaters as soon as the movie hit cinemas that’s why I already reserved a ticket for its 1st day, 1st screening at Gateway Cineplex 10. It was the first screening but all the tickets were sold out! Very very promising…

Supposedly, I’ll be giving credit to Director Catherine Hardwicke for I know how hard it is to squeeze in a 498-pages novel into a 2 hours film but to be honest, she didn’t do a great job. As well as the screenwriter who sucked big time in her job. In adapting novels like Twilight in a major motion picture, one of the crucial parts if not the most, is the point when you have to choose what are the particularly important scenes from the book that should be in the film. Aside from the nonsense add-ons they included in the story, the biggest problem of this Twilight adaptation resides on the wrong selection of scenes. Hardwicke wasn’t considerate at all those who didn’t read the novel. There are just so many missing details that were pivotal in making the movie more coherent. In film school, they (we), call it Inciting Incidents and this movie failed in pinpointing those turning points in the book. There were so many beautiful and more important scenes in the book that should’ve been in the movie instead of adding ridiculous scenes that were totally not in the book. In my opinion, the unnecessary alterations they made with parts of the story just made it confusing and jumbled!

Twilight was filmed in low budget that’s probably the reason for this “jumping rope” game with the adaptation but seriously, failing to include Bella and Edward’s conversation in the book why in the very first place, TWILIGHT is its title, is simply unforgivable in the part of the Director and Screenwriter! OMG! And what’s with the movie’s ending? What the heck?! Victoria?

The Port Angeles and the Prom scenes were two of the best moments in the book but were totally depicted in a very horrible way! I was grumping with displeasure in my seat while watching it! I was really like, DUH!!! If only Hardwicke was able to craft it the way it was told in the book, Twilight would have been the best movie of this year. The way they were depicted in the film, they were not half as much the kilig feeling they should exude. Though the Director and Screenwriter’s work wasn’t favorable at all, Cinematographer Elliot Davis did a pretty well job. He should be given enough credit for a very beautiful lighting and over all look of the motion picture. It was simply fabulous!

Also, I need to commend the actors for portraying their characters very well especially Kristen and Robert. Stewart was great in her acting especially the scene when James (the bad vampire) bit her. Pattinson was perfect for the character of Edward Cullen in all aspects! He’s a GOD! Oh so HOT! Just like Edward, sometimes he doesn’t need to speak for you to get weak. Just by looking at his facial expressions or far worst his eyes…shucks! I literally wanted to melt in the freezing theater of Gateway while watching Twilight. His voice…his accent…is heaven! Robert Pattinson can definitely send you to your wildest orgasmic mode!

Tyler Lautner as Jacob Black is a big NO-NO! What on earth could have they been thinking casting him as Jacob??? I wonder how the adaptation for New Moon will be under this mistake.

With very disappointing reviews about Twilight, in my honest opinion, it’s still worth the 180 bucks you’re gonna spend. There may be major flaws with how Twilight was adapted into a major motion picture but still, it has this charismatic effect that wouldn’t make you feel as if you’ve wasted your money as well as your time. If you’ve read the book, just try not to compare its story with the movie. If you haven’t read the book, I couldn’t care less, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the movie. Expectations for Twilight were just too high so I suggest keeping in mind, DON’T EXPECT TOO MUCH. Though Catherine Hardwicke ruined the story, Twilight still has the magic to captivate you, make you hope for someone like Edward, and most importantly, the movie can still convince you that in this lifetime, LOVE CAN STILL CONQUER ALL amidst any situation, whoever that person may be.

And after all, don’t let the opportunity to see Robert Pattinson as EDWARD CULLEN in the big screen. HE’s worth every peso you’re going to spend on Twilight!

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