One more Chance


Exactly two weeks after I have announced to the whole world that I am going to watch this movie, I, together with my best friends Korina and Joanne headed for the world famous SM Mall of Asia to finally see what everyone is raving about this latest Star Cinema offering.

As expected of a John Lloyd-Bea movie, the cinema was 60-70% full not bad for a second screening at 1pm. I was so excited while waiting for the movie to start. Extensive promotion days before the premiere made me imbibe the lines of both the main characters, lines that in a week time became a fad even before the movie hit the theaters. I can’t wait to see the entire scene behind those lines.

There were never second thoughts in my mind whether I’m going to watch this movie or not. The first time I saw its trailer, I shouted out loud that I’m going to watch this movie. I have high expectations from this movie because they say that this is the best flick the love team has ever or will ever be doing. I’m glad to say that I am not disappointed when I got out of the cinema. First 5mins. of the movie already gave me the impression that indeed this movie is really different from other John Lloyd-Bea films. And as a matter of fact, the movie proved to be very different from other millions of romance movies I have ever seen.

From You Got Me, You Are The One and now, One More Chance, Director Cathy Garcia-Molina has never ran out of romantic scenes. She has never recycled a single kilig moment unlike other directors of that genre. What’s nice about this movie is its depth. For a second you might think that the story is shallow thus making it jologs. But this movie proved to be more than that.

The over all feel of the movie is painful. From the very start, you can already feel how Basha (Bea’s character) is hurting with how controlling Popoy (John Lloyd) is. But the downpour of emotions in the movie came when the lead characters broke up. Amidst the pain both characters are experiencing, it is a work of a genius with how the director was able to balance the natural drama of the movie with kilig moments that will surely make your heart jump off.

It’s great how this movie was able to show that/how true love can be very hurting and at the same time, be very captivating that no amount of pain can ever erase your feelings for that person you truly love and yet has hurt you the most.

This movie is very different from all the romance flicks I have seen because it didn’t use any cheesy line whatsoever in expressing the lead character’s feelings. The script writer used words that we normally use everyday; words that are plain, simple and direct to the point without any exaggerations at all that’s why it’s closer to the audience. I believe this is also the reason why the story of One More Chance is what we call in Tagalog, ‘tagos sa puso, damang-dama mo’.

This movie saw the maturity on both John Lloyd and Bea as actors. While watching it I can’t help but tell myself that this is like watching a younger Christopher De Leon and Vilma Santos. John Lloyd gave a superb performance in this film. Truly, he is one of the best actors the Philippines will ever produce. Two thumbs up to both of them.

As I always say, in our generation right now, Star Cinema is the best when it comes to film producing and they never fail. Congratulations to everybody who’s a part of One More Chance. It’s close to perfect.

The moment I got out of the cinema, I immediately told Joanne and Korina that this is THE MOVIE OF THE YEAR! Forget that 2007 ever happened if you’re gonna miss this movie.

PS: John Lloyd makes me weak. He’s so gwapo!

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