The Twilight Saga: New Moon


Awesome, HOT, and incredibly terrific, New Moon is every Twilight fans’ ecstasy!

As Stephenie Meyer ‘s Twilight saga continues in its second installment, Bella (Kristen Stewart) found herself happy and contented with her smooth sailing relationship with gorgeous vampire boyfriend, Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson). But an unfortunate incident at her 18th birthday party thrown for her by Edward’s sister brings their bliss into a halt. Edward decided to leave, totally convinced that Bella is better off away from vampires like him. Depressed and grief-stricken, Bella got fond of engaging in reckless activities because of the hallucinations it brings. Bella also grew closer to best friend, Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner) in the absence of Edward. For a moment, she took comfort in the arms of Jacob but not for long as it was revealed that he is a werewolf. And given the fact that vampires and werewolves are eternally at war with each other, Bella found herself torn between two men very dear to her heart and if it’s not enough, both are very much in love with her.

I am a big fan of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight saga, setting aside my obsession with it and being totally objective about this movie, I have to say that it lived up to the great expectations of fans. First and foremost it is one of the best decisions Summit made to replace Catherine Hardwicke as director. If only Twilight was directed like this, maybe it has sustained fans’ and non-fans’ anticipation of the sequel. But be that as it may, I’m pretty sure New Moon will still do well in the box-office.

Chris Weitz did a marvelous job with Twilight’s second installment. Just BRAVO! The core, essential flow of the plot was perfectly executed. It didn’t confuse moviegoers whether they have read the book or not. It’s not like Twilight wherein the storyline jumped from A to E then B to P and viewers were just shocked in astonishment with “What the heck is this, Catherine? Are you sure you can direct???” Call me boring but in my own honest opinion, movie adaptations should always stay close as possible to its book counterparts. After all, that’s the main purpose of it, to give life to the book’s story through audio and visual media and not altering it. What is really praiseworthy about New Moon is that it stayed as accurate as possible with the book. It’s a tough thing to do given the fact that they had to compress the book into a 2-hour film. And let’s face it, the books were all phenomenal and fans of these types of literature wouldn’t want major alterations in the storyline. I believe one of the reasons why New Moon’s way way way better than Twilight was because it stayed faithful to the original text that made millions fall in love with Meyer’s characters and narrative. Hands down to Chris Weitz for the excellent depiction of major scenes which were all the way I have imagined them to be. The necessary and vital components of the story were all chronologically present in the film and really smoothed out the general flow. There was also right amount of suspense in this movie which is essential in the general feel of the plot.

I will never forget to commend Melissa Rosenberg, who wrote the screenplay for doing such a wonderful job in this movie. She also wrote Twilight’s screenplay and last year in my Twilight review I did say that her worked sucked but now I am truly contemplating if she’s the one to blame for Twilight’s rottenness or the director. But overwhelmed with her work with New Moon, I’d like to think all the blame was really on its infamous director, Hardwicke. Of course details were so much richer in the book but including the essential dialogues into the script was just perfect! It made readers smile in sheer outpour of emotions and surely did with viewers too.

Special effects were superb! Action sequences were more realistic and depicted excellently. I love it when the pack transforms into wolves. And the chasing sequence of the wolves and Victoria was just awesome. Cinematography was also a lot better this time. Over all editing was passable though of course in some scenes the film still fails to depict and make the idea of “time passing by” believable. Backdrops, locations, and shots were all just perfect and totally complemented each other. I’d also like to take note that the make-ups and prosthetics leveled up in this movie.

Acting wise, this movie fails big time but what the heck this movie is not intended for Oscars. And the market to which this movie is intended for doesn’t really care about best acting performances. Kristen Stewart in my opinion should really thank whoever the reason for her being cast as Bella Swan. She will always be remembered in Hollywood pop culture as Bella in Twilight but not because of her acting. She acts so rigid and not at all convincing. I really felt Bella’s pain when Edward left her and almost cried, that is, when I was reading the book. But watching Kristen in those particular scenes where she could have showcased herself, I couldn’t bring myself to cry cause to me she looks like someone suffering LBM and badly needs to run to the bathroom.

Thank God Robert Pattinson is HOT because he couldn’t act! He’s such an eye candy; a deliriously delicious vanilla ice cream you’d like to lick forever. But that’s just it. I love his accent…his voice is still heaven to me but the way he delivered his lines, seriously?! I do believe that Pattinson’s strength is really in his facial expressions and boy oh boy his eyes are his best asset. Despite his bad acting, I still think he is HOT and I’ll say it again, Robert Pattinson can send you to your wildest orgasmic mode!

Taylor Lautner is nothing but a shrimp to me. Desirable, mouthwatering, almost glorious body but completely unattractive. He did have his moments in this movie and he delivered most of the powerful lines in this installment but his stiff delivery makes him ineffective as an actor.

The inclusion of Dakota Fanning is fantastic! I love her! Up until this very moment, I’m still mimicking her facial expression and the way she delivered her infamous line, “This might hurt just a little.” Love it!

Of course I also drooled over the wolf pack. Dammit! Their buddies were OMG!!! HOT HOT HOT! And they’re handsome ha except Sam. He doesn’t appeal to me but Embry, Quil, and omg PAUL!!! Dammit! YUMMY!!!

This second installment in the Twilight saga, is a must watch movie. It’s a whole lot better than the first one. It improved in a lot of aspects and will totally bring you to the mystic world of vampires and werewolves. Fans will of course take time to fall in line and watch this movie but I think even non-fans should watch! After all, it’s very enjoyable. And it is a reminder to us all that NOTHING CAN EVER MATCH THE PAIN AND LOSS OF BEING SEPARATED FROM THE ONE YOU LOVE.

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