Kimmy Dora

4/5 stars

Comedy at its best!

Twins Kimmy and Dora (both played by Eugene Domingo) are heiresses to the multi-billion Go Dong Hae empire. Conflict arises mainly caused by the differences between the twins’ personalities. While Kimmy is all-brains and ruthless, her sister Dora is caring and thoughtful although a little slow, mentally. The twins’ personalities always clashes as Kimmy is very much jealous of the attention and special care Dora is getting from their father, Luisito Go Dong Hae, and from Johnson (Dingdong Dantes), the apple of her eyes. As peculiar events transpired, Kimmy and Dora finds themselves switching places with Kimmy in the hands of kidnappers and Dora now the CEO of the Go Dong Hae empire.

I’d like to say that this movie didn’t disappoint at all. There was enormous hype and promo for the movie and it’s all worth it. This movie stands apart from all the other comedies the Philippine movie industry has been producing these past few years because this particular movie actually offers a different type of Filipino humor, a comedy that has value. It’s not the cliché overly corny comedy we’ve all watched a thousand times before. Kimmy Dora actually tells a story with a perfect blend of stuffed comedy and passable drama.

There was never a dull moment in this movie and I never felt as if scenes were just included to fill-in the time as many mainstream comedy movies in the Philippines now do. I have to point out that though Kimmy Dora falls under the comedy genre and it’s obviously produced just to entertain and make moviegoers laugh, producers made sure that the storyline and the script itself is actually worth watching. And it proves that not because this is comedy, the narrative flow of the movie is already unimportant. I say kudos to its scriptwriter, Chris Martinez. I am so a fan of the works of this man. Editing was also worth mentioning above others because every scene was perfect in the story’s time line and this is a very important aspect many comedy films nowadays take for granted. With a beautiful editing like this, audiences will be drawn deep into the story even though the plot is just very very light. This is the only comedy movie Direk Joyce Bernal directed that I actually enjoyed. I am a big big fan of her romantic-comedies and only now can I say that she’s also good with comedy movies.

EUGENE DOMINGO IS THE BEST! A STAR IS BORN. I am a fan of Uge since time immemorial. If I admire her talent before, I adore it now. I believe everything with regards to this movie is perfect timing. This is the perfect launching material for a talent like Eugene’s. In my opinion, she deserves every title being given to her today because she’s really a one of a kind actress. Her comedy is genuine and spontaneous. And she can affect audience with her drama. With her versatility and innate acting abilities, I dare say, EUGENE DOMINGO IS THE ACTRESS of all our lady comedians nowadays. She is a precious talent and really THE ONE AND ONLY! Hail to the Diamond Comedy Queen and hopefully, the 2009 Box Office Queen!

Kimmy Dora is in every aspect a worth watching movie because aside from the laugh it’ll give you, it’ll also unconsciously touch you in many ways. And hello naman just for Uge’s talent being showcased in this movie it’s already a must watch. I am saying this now, this movie is worth every peso you will pay for it and I believe this comedy movie will be one of the classics Philippine cinema has ever produced. Super congratulations to Spring Films and Ms. Eugene Domingo.

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